Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: parisrama

  pariśrama—the pain    SB 6.9.43
  pariśrama—misery    SB 8.12.46
  pariśrama—full of miserable conditions and hard work    SB 8.24.46
  pariśrama—too laborious    Adi 9.35
  pariśrama—fatigue.    Madhya 3.133
  pariśrama—how much you have labored.    Madhya 12.90
  pariśrama—labor    Madhya 14.38
  pariśrama—fatigue    Antya 10.90
  pariśrama—all labor    Antya 19.46
  pariśrama nāhi mora—I have no fatigue    Antya 12.72
  tāra pariśrama—his labor    Antya 12.109

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