Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pare

  pāre—is able    Adi 4.240, Adi 5.227, Adi 6.115, Adi 12.94, Madhya 2.83, Madhya 5.71, Madhya 7.71, Madhya 8.92, Madhya 13.59, Madhya 13.61 (and more...)
  pāre—able    Adi 17.261, Adi 17.297, Madhya 1.160, Madhya 5.156, Madhya 6.206, Madhya 8.283
  pare—in the Transcendence.    SB 1.5.27, SB 1.5.34, SB 3.7.13, SB 9.4.56
  pare—unto the transcendence    SB 1.15.47-48, SB 5.7.6, SB 9.2.11-13, SB 9.19.25
  pāre—is able.    Adi 14.70, Madhya 6.83, Madhya 6.279, Madhya 16.241
  pare—others    SB 4.11.22, SB 6.15.12-15, SB 10.12.7-11
  pare—transcendental    SB 4.28.42, SB 4.31.3, SB 7.15.64
  pāre—can    Adi 13.44, Madhya 9.49, Madhya 13.13
  pare—the supreme    SB 5.16.3, SB 7.1.16
  pare—in the higher status of life    SB 4.22.36
  pare—supreme    SB 4.31.17
  pare—to the Supreme    SB 6.10.11
  pare—while the father or the elder    SB 6.14.54
  pare—in the supreme    SB 7.5.41
  pare—exalted    SB 7.8.7
  pare—enemies or opposing elements.    SB 7.8.10
  pare—in the Supreme Being    SB 7.12.29-30
  pare—beyond    SB 7.13.4
  pare—unto the supreme transcendence    SB 9.4.21
  pare—wears    Antya 6.290
  pāre—over and above    SB 8.3.5
  pāre—beyond the jurisdiction    Adi 5.39
  pāre—one is able    Adi 17.160
  pāre—He is able.    Adi 17.256
  pāre—are able.    Madhya 8.306
  nā pāre—is not able    Adi 17.107, Adi 17.151, Madhya 9.44, Madhya 14.41, Madhya 18.46
  bujhite pāre—can understand.    Antya 4.84, Antya 5.87, Antya 7.165, Antya 18.30
  kahite pāre—can estimate    Antya 2.82, Antya 9.115
  nā pāre—was not able.    Madhya 16.60, Madhya 16.85
  pare pare—in each subsequent    Madhya 8.85, Madhya 8.85
  sahite nā pāre—could not tolerate.    Antya 3.4-5, Antya 3.10
  sahite nā pāre—cannot tolerate.    Antya 3.213, Antya 5.97
  tasyāḥ pāre—on the other bank of the Virajā River    Madhya 21.51, Madhya 21.88
  ananta-pāre—unlimitedly expanded    SB 4.28.27
  balite nā pāre—could not say anything    Antya 3.8
  balite pāre—can estimate.    Antya 9.108
  bujhite nā pāre—not able to understand    Madhya 20.385
  śodhite pāre—can repay.    Antya 12.83
  dharite pāre—can control    Antya 3.112
  kahite pāre—can explain.    Antya 5.158
  kahite pāre—can describe    Antya 7.19
  karite nā pāre niścaya—cannot make a decision.    Antya 7.95
  kavau pare—unto the supreme learned person, Lord Brahmā    SB 7.12.29-30
  ke bujhite pāre—who can understand    Antya 9.58
  ke kahite pāre—who can describe    Madhya 18.224
  ke pāre balite—who can talk    Antya 3.14
  ke pāre bujhite—who can understand    Antya 2.143
  ke sahite pāre—who can tolerate.    Antya 9.92
  keha bujhite nā pāre—others could not understand.    Antya 19.18
  keha jānite nā pāre—no one can understand.    Antya 4.90
  keha nā bujhite pāre—no one can understand    Antya 3.82
  khāite nā pāre—cannot eat.    Antya 6.316
  ki balite pāre—can speak    Antya 2.135
  kāraṇa-abdhi-pāre—on one bank of the Causal Ocean    Madhya 20.269
  la-ite pāre—can take up.    Madhya 11.102
  nadī-pāre—on the other bank of the river    Madhya 16.114-115
  nā pare—does not wear    Antya 6.312
  nā pāre—cannot.    Antya 19.104
  nā pāre calite—he could not go.    Antya 13.21
  nā pāre jānite—cannot understand    Antya 18.16-17
  nā pāre keha—no one is able    Antya 14.5
  nā pāre laṅghite—cannot deny.    Antya 7.107
  nā pāre marite—cannot die.    Antya 4.61
  nā pāre mārite—he could not beat.    Antya 6.22
  nā pāre paḍite—could not recite.    Antya 13.127
  nā pāre ṭānite—could not move.    Madhya 14.49
  o-pāre—on the other side of the Yamunā    Madhya 18.86
  pare sei—he wears    Madhya 18.185
  pāre bujhite—can understand.    Antya 3.47
  pāre sahibāre—can tolerate.    Antya 13.57
  pāre-parārdham—unlimited    Madhya 17.210
  rahite nā pāre—could not stay.    Antya 3.6
  rasa-sindhu-pāre—the shore of the ocean of transcendental mellows.    Madhya 19.236
  rākhite pāre—can keep.    Antya 6.41
  rāndhite nā pāre—could not cook.    Madhya 15.226
  sahite nā pāre—he could not tolerate    Antya 3.103
  varṇibāre pāre—can describe    Antya 6.105
  varṇite ke pāre—who can describe    Antya 14.6
  varṇite pāre—can describe    Antya 14.121
  virajāra pāre—on the other bank of the Virajā, or the Causal Ocean    Madhya 20.269
  yamunā-pāre grāma—his residence on the other side of the Yamunā.    Madhya 18.82
  yāibāre pāre—can go.    Antya 12.79
  yāite nā pāre—could not go    Antya 6.158
  āsite nā pāre—could not come    Madhya 15.246
  āsiteha pāre—He is able to come.    Madhya 5.86
  ṭānite nā pāre—they could not pull    Madhya 14.48

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