Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: parayanam

  parāyaṇam—dependent    SB 1.8.37
  parāyaṇam—the supreme    SB 1.11.6
  parāyaṇam—dependent.    SB 2.6.12
  parāyaṇam—ultimate goal    SB 4.11.27
  parāyaṇam—the ultimate shelter    SB 5.17.18
  parāyaṇam—the shelter.    SB 7.2.11
  parāyaṇam—and who is the shelter of even the exalted demigods like Brahmā and Śiva.    SB 8.2.32
  parāyaṇam—the supreme shelter    SB 8.17.28
  bhagavat-jana-parāyaṇam—a follower of the devotees of the Lord, brāhmaṇas and Vaiṣṇavas    SB 5.5.28

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