Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: parayanah

  paräyaëaù—the highest resort.    Adi 3.49, Madhya 10.170
  paräyaëaù—the devotee    Madhya 19.150, Madhya 25.83
  paräyaëaù—being so destined    Bg 5.27-28
  paräyaëaù—attached to    SB 2.3.16
  paräyaëaù—always in the ecstatic mood of devotional service.    Madhya 6.104
  paräyaëäù—so inclined    Bg 4.29
  paräyaëäù—always situated in that mentality    Bg 16.11-12
  paräyaëäù—who are so devoted.    SB 3.12.5
  paräyaëäù—completely attached (only to such service, without dependence on austerity, penance, cultivation of knowledge or pious activities)    SB 6.1.15

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: parayanah

  çruti-paräyaëäù—inclined to the process of hearing.    Bg 13.26
  kåñëa-paräyaëaù—fully Kåñëa conscious    SB 4.12.38
  mat-paräyaëaù—devoted to Me.    Bg 9.34
  näräyaëa-paräyaëaù—a person who has concluded that Näräyaëa is the Supreme    SB 6.14.5
  näräyaëa-paräyaëaù—becoming absolutely dependent on Näräyaëa and becoming His devotee.    SB 7.13.3
  näräyaëa-paräyaëäù—those who have taken the path of Näräyaëa, devotional service, as their life and soul.    SB 6.1.17
  näräyaëa-paräyaëäù—devotees of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Näräyaëa.    SB 9.21.18
  tat-paräyaëäù—who has completely taken shelter of Him    Bg 5.17
  uttama-çloka-paräyaëäù—devoted to the cause of the Personality of Godhead    SB 1.4.12
  viñëu-vrata-paräyaëaù—who was a first-class Vaiñëava, always engaged in the service of the Lord.    SB 8.4.7
  väsudeva-paräyaëaù—one who is a devotee of Lord Kåñëa.    SB 4.24.74
  väsudeva-paräyaëaù—simply being a devotee of Lord Väsudeva.    SB 8.16.49