Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: paratah

  parataù—from others    SB 5.9.11, SB 10.1.44
  parataù—superior    Bg 3.42
  parataù—ahead    SB 1.13.57
  parataù—by others    SB 3.30.25
  parataù—by others (the damsels created by Kardama)    SB 3.33.28
  parataù—by His inconceivable potencies    SB 4.17.32
  parataù—by any external power    SB 5.1.12
  parataù—from anyone else    SB 5.14.46
  parataù—beyond    SB 5.20.29
  parataù—beyond that    SB 5.23.1
  parataù—due to other causes    SB 6.14.21
  parataù—from the instructions of others    SB 7.5.30
  parataù—transcendentally situated    SB 8.7.34
  parataù—of others    SB 8.8.20
  parataù—on the opposite side    Antya 16.53

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: paratah

  parataù parasmät—higher than the highest    SB 5.5.25
  parataù parät—beyond the transcendence    SB 4.30.31
  parataù vä—or by hearing from another    SB 1.13.27