Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: parasparam

  parasparam—with one another    SB 3.21.17, SB 10.11.39-40
  parasparam—one another    SB 5.13.6, SB 9.1.27
  parasparam—mutual    Bg 3.11
  parasparam—among themselves    Bg 10.9
  parasparam—in the world of duality.    SB 1.8.9
  parasparam—between one another    SB 1.18.44
  parasparam—amongst themselves as follows.    SB 4.23.24
  parasparam—on one another    SB 10.5.14
  parasparam—each other    Adi 5.138

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing parasparam.