Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: parardha

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: parardha

  dvi-parardha—two superdurations of time    SB 3.11.39
  dvi-parardha—two parardhas    SB 3.32.8
  dvi-parardha—the duration of the life of Brahma    SB 5.14.29
  dvi-parardha-avasane—after millions and millions of years (the life of Brahma)    SB 10.3.25
  dvi-parardha-samjne—the time known as the end of a dvi-parardha    SB 9.4.53-54
  dvi-parardha-akhyah—measured by the two halves of Brahmaís life    SB 3.11.38