Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: paramesthyam

  paramesthyam—royal    SB 3.32.12-15, SB 6.7.13
  paramesthyam—the governing planet of the material world    SB 2.2.22
  paramesthyam—Satyaloka, where Brahma resides.    SB 2.2.26
  paramesthyam—the supreme position within the universe    SB 4.8.20
  paramesthyam—to the spiritual world    SB 4.29.84
  paramesthyam—the planet on which Lord Brahma resides    SB 6.11.25
  paramesthyam—supreme    SB 7.3.13
  paramesthyam—the supreme person within this universe    SB 9.15.39

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