Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: paramatma

  paramātmā—Paramātmā    Adi 2.11, Adi 2.63, Madhya 20.158, Madhya 24.74, Madhya 24.81
  paramātmā—the Supersoul    Bg 6.7, SB 2.10.7
  paramātmā—Supersoul    Bg 13.23
  paramātmā—who is the Supersoul of all living entities    SB 9.23.20-21
  paramātmā—Paramātmā (Supersoul)    Adi 2.10
  paramātmā—the localized situation of the Lord    Madhya 19.218
  paramātmā—the Supersoul within the heart    Madhya 20.161
  paramātmā—the localized feature    Madhya 24.80
  paramātma-bhūtaḥ—the origin of all causes.    Madhya 25.37
  paramātma-sa-tattvaḥ—the truth of the constitutional position of the spirit soul and the Supersoul    SB 5.13.25
  paramātma-tattvam—the principle of primeval cause    SB 2.7.47
  paramātma-tattvam—which ascertain the truth about Paramātmā    SB 8.7.29
  paramātmā iti—known as Paramātmā    SB 1.2.11
  paramātmā iti—as the Supersoul    Madhya 25.132

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