Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: paramananda

  paramānanda—most joyful    Adi 8.2
  paramānanda—of the name Paramānanda    Adi 13.57-58
  paramānanda—Paramānanda Purī    Madhya 25.63
  paramānanda-purī—of the name Paramānanda Purī    Adi 10.124-126, Madhya 1.111, Madhya 1.129, Madhya 1.253
  paramānanda-purī—Paramānanda Purī    Madhya 9.167, Madhya 10.91, Antya 8.8, Antya 8.71
  paramānanda purī—of the name Paramānanda Purī    Adi 9.13-15, Adi 9.16
  paramānanda purī—Paramānanda Purī    Madhya 9.174, Madhya 13.30
  paramānanda-dāsa—Paramānanda dāsa    Antya 12.45, Antya 12.49
  avadhūta paramānanda—of the name Avadhūta Paramānanda.    Adi 11.49
  kīrtanīyā-paramānanda—Paramānanda, who used to perform kīrtana    Madhya 25.179
  paramānanda gupta—of the name Paramānanda Gupta    Adi 11.45
  paramānanda kīrtanīyā—Paramānanda Kīrtanīyā    Madhya 25.4
  paramānanda mahāpātra—of the name Paramānanda Mahāpātra    Adi 10.135-136
  paramānanda mahāpātra—Paramānanda Mahāpātra    Madhya 10.46
  paramānanda purī-saṅge—with Paramānanda Purī    Antya 7.64
  paramānanda purīra—of Paramānanda Purī    Madhya 10.128
  paramānanda upādhyāya—of the name Paramānanda Upādhyāya    Adi 11.44
  paramānanda-purī-sthāne—at the place of Paramānanda Purī    Antya 2.128
  paramānanda-purīre—Paramānanda Purī    Antya 8.7

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