Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: papa

  päpa—sinful activities    Adi 10.42, Madhya 22.143, Antya 3.132
  päpa—O sinful one    SB 6.12.2, SB 9.9.35
  päpa—sins    Adi 3.76, Madhya 19.146
  päpa—sin    Adi 5.206, Madhya 5.90
  päpa—sinful    Adi 13.98, Madhya 11.156
  päpa—O most sinful (Närada Muni)    SB 6.5.37
  päpa—of sins    SB 6.16.44
  päpa—sinful life    Adi 8.26
  päpa—the sinful reactions    Madhya 15.162
  päpa—the accidental sinful life    Madhya 15.169
  päpa—reactions of sinful activities    Antya 3.185

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: papa

  e päpa apära—this sinful activity is unlimited.    Madhya 24.250
  ei baòa päpa—this is a great act of sin    Madhya 25.35
  päpa gela—your sinful reactions have gone    Madhya 18.205
  päpa haite—from such a sin.    Madhya 20.30
  päpa kaili—have performed a most sinful act    Antya 19.48
  päpa laïä—accepting the sinful reactions    Madhya 15.163
  päpa yäya mora—sinful reaction of my life can be washed off    Madhya 24.254
  päpa-apaham—the killer of sinful reactions    SB 5.23.9
  päpa-bhaya—fear of sinful activities.    Adi 17.157
  päpa-bhoge—undergoing tribulations of sinful activities    Madhya 15.167
  päpa-cakñuñäm—of those whose eyes are very sinful.    SB 6.8.26
  päpa-doña yäbe—all the sinful reactions will go away    Madhya 25.199
  päpa-dåñöeù—of he whose vision has become sinful    SB 5.26.35
  päpa-haram—suitable for destroying all sinful reactions    SB 6.4.21
  päpa-haraù—reducing all sinful activities    SB 4.1.46-47
  päpa-hatän—sinful    Adi 3.83
  päpa-jéväù—sinful living entities    SB 7.7.54
  päpa-jéväù—sinful living beings    SB 2.7.46
  päpa-jéväù—sinful creatures    Madhya 24.190
  päpa-kñaya—destruction of sins    Adi 3.64
  päpa-kñaya—nullifying of sinful activities    Adi 17.217
  päpa-kñaya—destruction of sinful reactions    Adi 17.263
  päpa-kñaya—disappearance of all reactions to sinful activities    Antya 3.177
  päpa-kåtam—performing sin    SB 5.26.26
  päpa-kåttamaù—the greatest sinner    Bg 4.36
  päpa-matiù—very, very sinful, having a polluted mind    SB 10.8.8-9
  päpa-niçcayäù—determined to commit a greatly sinful act, or the personified sins.    SB 9.16.11
  päpa-niñkåtau—to become free from the reaction of sinful activities    SB 6.1.8
  päpa-näça—extinction of the resultant actions of sinful life    Antya 3.180
  päpa-näçanaù—the destruction of sinful reactions    SB 7.15.74
  päpa-näçane—at the place named Päpanäçana    Madhya 9.79
  päpa-phala—results of sinful reactions.    Madhya 15.168
  päpa-phala—sinful reaction    Antya 19.52
  päpa-präyaçcitte—atonement for the sinful act.    Madhya 15.261
  päpa-puruñam—very sinful man    SB 5.26.36
  päpa-räçi—volumes of sinful activities    Madhya 1.194
  päpa-saàsära-näçana—annihilation of materialistic life resulting from sins    Antya 20.13
  päpa-vimocana—free from all sinful reaction.    Adi 17.59
  päpa-vimocana—immunity from sinful reaction    Adi 17.57-58
  päpa-yonayaù—born of a lower family    Bg 9.32
  päpa-äçaya—reservoir of sinful activities    Antya 4.152
  päpa-äcära—attached to sinful activities    Madhya 1.194
  päpa-äcäre—in sinful activities    Madhya 22.142
  päpa-ätmä—sinful man    Madhya 1.190
  sarva-päpa—of all reactions to sins    Antya 3.61
  sarva-päpa—of all sinful reactions    Madhya 15.107
  sarva-päpa-haram—vanquishes the reactions of sinful activities    SB 9.23.18-19
  sei päpa ha-ite—from those sinful activities    Madhya 16.189