Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pankaja

  pankaja—lotus    SB 2.7.4, SB 4.22.39
  pankaja—lotus flower    SB 2.2.10
  pankaja—of a lotus    SB 3.28.14
  pankaja—of the lotus    SB 4.24.47-48

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: pankaja

  anghri-pankaja—lotuslike feet    Adi 5.141, Madhya 20.306
  carana-pankaja—of the lotus feet    SB 5.17.1
  mukha-pankaja-bhutayah—exhibiting an extraordinary beauty in their lotuslike faces    SB 10.5.10
  narayana-pada-pankaja—of the lotus feet of Lord Narayana    SB 5.19.22
  pasu-pala-pankaja-drsah—the gopis who are always dependent on Krsna, the cowherd boy    NoI 10
  pankaja-anghraye—unto You, the soles of whose feet are engraved with lotus flowers (and who are therefore said to possess lotus feet).    SB 1.8.22
  pankaja-maline—one who is always decorated with a garland of lotus flowers    SB 1.8.22
  pankaja-netraya—one whose glance is as cooling as a lotus flower    SB 1.8.22
  pankaja-nabhasya—of the Lord, from whose navel grows a lotus flower    Adi 3.27
  pankaja-nabhaya—unto the Lord who has a specific depression resembling a lotus flower in the center of His abdomen    SB 1.8.22
  pankaja-nabhaya—unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, from whose navel the lotus flower emanates    SB 4.24.34
  pankaja-renu-rusitam—carrying the dust from the lotus flowers    SB 8.2.23-24
  pankaja-saurabham—which smells like a lotus flower    Adi 4.259
  pada-pankaja—of the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 8.9.28
  pada-pankaja—lotus feet    Antya 20.32