Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: panih

  panih—hands    SB 6.8.4-6
  panih—in His hand    SB 9.10.9
  panih—hand    SB 9.18.20-21

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: panih

  abhigrhita-panih—humbly with folded hands.    SB 1.19.12
  arindra-panih—bearing the disc in His hand to kill the enemies.    SB 6.8.20
  sula-panih—one who has a trident in his hand    SB 1.15.12
  sula-panih—even though as powerful as Lord Siva (Sulapani).    SB 5.10.25
  danda-panih—a chastising hand    SB 4.16.18
  danda-panih iva—like Yamaraja    SB 5.10.7
  darbha-panih—taking purified kusa in his hand    SB 7.12.4
  dhanuh-panih—taking his bow and arrows    SB 9.7.16
  gada-panih—with his mighty club in hand    SB 1.9.15
  gada-panih—with a club in hand    SB 3.17.20
  gada-panih—bearing the club in His hand    SB 5.24.27
  kalasa-panih—holding a waterpot in Her hand    SB 8.9.16-17
  khadga-panih—taking a sword in his hand    SB 10.1.35
  kusa-panih—having kusa grass on the fingers    SB 4.21.18
  vajra-panih—Indra, who always carries in his hand the thunderbolt    SB 8.11.3
  vina-panih—one who carries a vina in his hand    SB 1.5.1
  vrsala-raja-panih—the so-called priest of the leader of the dacoits (one of the thieves)    SB 5.9.16