Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pani

  pani—water    Adi 14.32, Adi 15.17, Madhya 12.134, Antya 20.23
  pani—water    Antya 4.203, Antya 18.89
  pani—hands    Bg 13.14
  pani—the hand    Madhya 14.200
  pani—water.    Adi 9.9
  pani—the water.    Adi 14.32
  pani—tears    Adi 17.219

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: pani

  bahu pani—much water.    Antya 6.317
  sirah-pani-adisu—between the head and the hands and other parts of the body    SB 4.7.53
  karonyara pani—water from a pitcher especially used by Mohammedans    Madhya 25.193
  pani-sankha—a conchshell that can be held in the hand    Antya 14.79
  pani-carana—hands and legs    Madhya 6.150
  pani-grahana—marriage    Adi 15.4
  pani-rodha—checking with Her hand    Madhya 14.198
  pani-sparsa-aksamabhyam—which were so delicate that they were unable to bear even the touch of Sitaís palm    SB 9.10.4
  pani-phala—a fruit produced in the water of rivers    Antya 18.105
  sa-pani-kavalam—with a morsel of food in His hand    SB 10.13.61
  sa-pani-kavalah—carrying His yogurt and rice in His hand    SB 10.13.14
  samudrera pani—the water of the sea    Antya 20.90-91
  sei pani-laksye—on account of this water    Antya 4.203
  udara-pani—of Lord Krsna    NoI 9
  visa-garta-pani—water in a poison pit of material happiness    Adi 13.123
  anibare pani—for bringing water.    Antya 6.299