Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pandita

  paṇḍita—Jagadānanda Paṇḍita    Antya 12.110, Antya 12.135, Antya 12.136, Antya 12.137, Antya 12.140, Antya 12.144, Antya 12.145, Antya 12.146, Antya 13.13, Antya 13.27 (and more...)
  paṇḍita—learned scholar    Adi 8.3, Adi 16.6, Madhya 1.109, Madhya 5.67, Madhya 10.106, Madhya 11.103, Madhya 18.217, Antya 4.68, Antya 13.58
  paṇḍita—Gadādhara Paṇḍita    Madhya 16.284, Antya 7.96, Antya 7.97, Antya 7.159, Antya 7.170
  paṇḍita—learned    Adi 13.56, Adi 14.55, Madhya 24.187, Antya 3.192
  paṇḍita—learned scholars.    Adi 16.19, Adi 17.6, Madhya 14.84
  paṇḍita—Rāghava Paṇḍita    Madhya 15.76, Madhya 15.81, Antya 6.106
  paṇḍita—of the learned scholar    Adi 7.17, Madhya 25.166
  paṇḍita—a learned scholar    Madhya 6.85-86, Antya 13.96
  paṇḍita—a very learned scholar    Madhya 19.92, Antya 7.131
  paṇḍita—a learned man    Madhya 20.100, Madhya 22.95
  paṇḍita—learned man    Adi 2.77
  paṇḍita—so-called learned    Adi 8.6
  paṇḍita—O Nimāi Paṇḍita    Adi 17.169
  paṇḍita—scholars    Madhya 9.51
  paṇḍita—so-called learned scholars    Madhya 11.101
  paṇḍita—Gadādhara Paṇḍita Gosvāmī    Madhya 16.142
  paṇḍita—educated    Madhya 17.15
  paṇḍita—learned teacher    Antya 3.11
  paṇḍita—Dāmodara Paṇḍita    Antya 3.43
  paṇḍita—My dear Paṇḍita    Antya 12.116
  paṇḍita—My dear Jagadānanda Paṇḍita    Antya 12.121
  paṇḍita—Jagadānanda    Antya 13.46
  paṇḍita-gadādhara—Gadādhara Paṇḍita.    Madhya 11.84, Antya 4.108-110, Antya 7.50-52, Antya 7.73-74, Antya 14.89
  paṇḍita-gosāñi—Gadādhara Paṇḍita    Adi 17.301, Madhya 1.252, Madhya 16.136, Madhya 25.235, Antya 8.90-91
  rāghava-paṇḍita—Rāghava Paṇḍita    Madhya 10.84, Madhya 16.204, Antya 6.148, Antya 10.13
  dāmodara-paṇḍita—Dāmodara Paṇḍita    Madhya 9.340, Madhya 15.184-185, Antya 20.106
  gadādhara-paṇḍita—Gadādhara Paṇḍita    Madhya 15.183, Madhya 16.130, Madhya 16.255
  jagadānanda-paṇḍita—Jagadānanda Paṇḍita    Antya 8.10, Antya 13.66, Antya 13.68
  paṇḍita kahe—the paṇḍita said    Madhya 16.132, Madhya 16.134, Antya 12.134
  paṇḍita kahe—Jagadānanda Paṇḍita said    Antya 4.141, Antya 12.118, Antya 12.142
  paṇḍita-śaṅkara—Śaṅkara Paṇḍita.    Madhya 11.85, Madhya 25.229, Antya 14.89
  paṇḍita-vakreśvara—Vakreśvara Paṇḍita    Madhya 11.84, Madhya 11.228, Madhya 13.43
  rāghava paṇḍita—Rāghava Paṇḍita    Madhya 11.89, Madhya 13.37, Madhya 16.16-17
  śrī-rāma paṇḍita—Śrīrāma Paṇḍita    Madhya 10.83, Madhya 13.39
  śrīmān paṇḍita—Śrīmān Paṇḍita    Madhya 10.83, Madhya 11.89
  śrīmān-paṇḍita—Śrīmān Paṇḍita    Antya 10.9-11, Antya 10.122
  dāmodara-paṇḍita—of the name Dāmodara Paṇḍita    Adi 10.31, Madhya 1.259
  jagadīśa paṇḍita—of the name Jagadīśa Paṇḍita    Adi 10.70, Adi 11.30
  maheśa paṇḍita—of the name Maheśa Paṇḍita    Adi 10.111, Adi 11.32
  mahā-paṇḍita—very learned scholars    Antya 3.174, Antya 4.227
  paṇḍita dāmodara—Dāmodara Paṇḍita    Madhya 1.236, Madhya 10.83
  paṇḍita kahe—Rāghava Paṇḍita said    Madhya 15.82, Antya 6.118
  paṇḍita kahe—Gadādhara Paṇḍita said    Madhya 16.131, Antya 7.150
  vakreśvara-paṇḍita—Vakreśvara Paṇḍita    Antya 11.48, Antya 11.67
  amogha paṇḍita—of the name Amogha Paṇḍita    Adi 12.87
  aneka paṇḍita—many learned scholars    Antya 3.174
  baḍa paṇḍita—greatly learned scholar    Adi 16.99
  bhagavān paṇḍita—of the name Bhagavān Paṇḍita    Adi 10.69
  bhaṭṭācārya paṇḍita—learned scholars known as bhaṭṭācāryas    Madhya 19.17
  śaṅkara-paṇḍita—of the name Śaṅkara Paṇḍita    Adi 10.33
  śrī-gadādhara paṇḍita—Śrī Gadādhara Paṇḍita    Adi 12.79
  śrī-jīva paṇḍita—of the name Śrī Jīva Paṇḍita    Adi 11.44
  śrī-paṇḍita haridāsa—Haridāsa Paṇḍita    Adi 8.54
  śrī-rāma paṇḍita—of the name Śrī Rāma Paṇḍita    Adi 10.8
  śrīmān-paṇḍita—of the name Śrīmān Paṇḍita    Adi 10.37
  śrīnātha paṇḍita—of the name Śrīnātha Paṇḍita    Adi 10.107
  śrīvatsa paṇḍita—of the name Śrīvatsa Paṇḍita    Adi 12.62
  śrīvāsa paṇḍita—of the name Śrīvāsa Paṇḍita    Adi 10.8
  śrīvāsa paṇḍita-saṅge—with Śrīvāsa Paṇḍita    Madhya 16.22
  śrīvāsa-paṇḍita—Śrīvāsa Paṇḍita    Madhya 11.84
  dāmodara paṇḍita—of the name Dāmodara Paṇḍita    Adi 10.124-126
  dāmodara paṇḍita—Dāmodara Paṇḍita    Madhya 3.209-210
  gadādhara paṇḍita—Gadādhara Paṇḍita    Madhya 16.279
  gadādhara paṇḍita-gosāñi—the descendants or disciplic succession of Gadādhara Paṇḍita    Adi 10.15
  gadādhara-paṇḍita—Paṇḍita Gadādhara    Antya 10.153
  gadādhara-paṇḍita-ādi—headed by Śrī Gadādhara Paṇḍita    Adi 1.41
  gaṅgādāsa paṇḍita—of the name Gaṅgādāsa Paṇḍita    Adi 13.61
  gaṅgādāsa paṇḍita—Gaṅgādāsa Paṇḍita    Madhya 11.85
  garuḍa paṇḍita—of the name Garuḍa Paṇḍita    Adi 10.75
  garuḍa-paṇḍita—Garuḍa Paṇḍita    Antya 10.9-11
  gaurīdāsa paṇḍita—of the name Gaurīdāsa Paṇḍita    Adi 11.26
  ki paṇḍita—whether a learned scholar    Adi 12.72
  kānu-paṇḍita—of the name Kānu Paṇḍita    Adi 12.61
  lokanātha paṇḍita—of the name Lokanātha Paṇḍita    Adi 12.64
  mahā-paṇḍita—a very learned person    Madhya 8.27
  mahā-paṇḍita—greatly learned scholar    Madhya 9.47
  murāri paṇḍita—of the name Murāri Paṇḍita    Adi 12.64
  mādhava paṇḍita—of the name Mādhava Paṇḍita.    Adi 12.64
  narma-paṇḍitā—learned in joking    Madhya 23.87-91
  nimāi paṇḍita—of the name Nimāi Paṇḍita    Adi 17.206
  nimāñi paṇḍita—Nimāi Paṇḍita    Adi 16.31
  nimāñi paṇḍita—O Nimāi Paṇḍita    Adi 16.91
  nimāñi-paṇḍita—of the name Nimāi Paṇḍita    Adi 16.12
  nānā śāstre paṇḍita—scholars learned in various scriptures    Madhya 25.19
  nārāyaṇa-paṇḍita—of the name Nārāyaṇa Paṇḍita    Adi 10.36
  paṇḍita bhaṭṭācārya—learned scholars and priests    Antya 6.64
  paṇḍita śrīrāma—of the name Śrīrāma Paṇḍita    Adi 12.65
  paṇḍita śrīvāsa—of the name Śrīvāsa Paṇḍita    Adi 13.54-55
  paṇḍita dhanañjaya—of the name Paṇḍita Dhanañjaya    Adi 11.31
  paṇḍita gadādhara—Gadādhara Paṇḍita.    Madhya 10.82
  paṇḍita gadādhara—Paṇḍita Gadādhara    Madhya 11.159-160
  paṇḍita gaṅgādāsa—of the name Paṇḍita Gaṅgādāsa    Adi 10.29
  paṇḍita hañā—being a learned paṇḍita    Madhya 9.190
  paṇḍita hañā—being a learned scholar.    Madhya 18.100
  paṇḍita hañā—being a learned teacher    Antya 3.15
  paṇḍita haridāsa—of the name Haridāsa Paṇḍita.    Adi 8.60
  paṇḍita jagadānanda—of the name Paṇḍita Jagadānanda    Adi 10.21
  paṇḍita jagadānanda—Jagadānanda Paṇḍita    Madhya 3.209-210
  paṇḍita kahena—Gadādhara Paṇḍita said    Antya 7.157
  paṇḍita kahena—Jagadānanda said    Antya 12.128
  paṇḍita kare upahāsa—so-called scholars play jokes without perfect understanding.    Madhya 25.34
  paṇḍita lakṣmīnātha—of the name Lakṣmīnātha Paṇḍita    Adi 12.86
  paṇḍita mahāśaya—a very learned scholar    Adi 11.33
  paṇḍita nimantrilā—Jagadānanda Paṇḍita invited    Antya 13.49
  paṇḍita nārāyaṇa—Nārāyaṇa Paṇḍita    Madhya 11.86
  paṇḍita prabala—a learned scholar    Madhya 17.119
  paṇḍita purandara—of the name Paṇḍita Purandara    Adi 11.28
  paṇḍita uṭhilā—Jagadānanda Paṇḍita got up    Antya 12.123
  paṇḍita vakreśvara—Vakreśvara Paṇḍita    Madhya 10.82
  paṇḍita-bhagavān—Bhagavān Paṇḍita    Antya 10.9-11
  paṇḍita-śekhara—of the name Paṇḍita Śekhara    Adi 10.109
  paṇḍita-śrīvāsa—Paṇḍita Śrīvāsa    Antya 10.60
  paṇḍita-dāmodara—Paṇḍita Dāmodara    Madhya 16.127-129
  paṇḍita-dāmodara—Dāmodara Paṇḍita    Madhya 25.229
  paṇḍita-gadādhara—Gadādhara, the learned scholar    Madhya 25.228
  paṇḍita-gaṇa—all the learned scholars.    Antya 3.176
  paṇḍita-gaṇera—of the learned scholars    Antya 5.84
  paṇḍita-gosāñira—of Gadādhara Paṇḍita    Adi 8.59
  paṇḍita-gosāñira—of Paṇḍita Gosāñi (Gadādhara Paṇḍita)    Adi 8.68
  paṇḍita-gosāñira thāñi—to Gadādhara Paṇḍita Gosāñi    Antya 7.90
  paṇḍita-jagadānanda—Jagadānanda Paṇḍita    Antya 19.4
  paṇḍita-loka—very learned scholars    Adi 6.49-50
  paṇḍita-lokera—of the learned scholars    Madhya 25.25
  paṇḍita-mānī—considering yourself very learned    SB 8.20.15
  paṇḍita-mānī—a person honored by the learned scholars    Antya 5.142
  paṇḍita-māninam—considering himself a very learned scholar    SB 5.10.8
  paṇḍita-māninam—thinking Himself a very learned scholar    Antya 5.137
  paṇḍita-māninaḥ—who considers himself so learned (as to disobey the order of his spiritual master).    SB 9.13.4
  paṇḍita-māninā—thinking himself to be very learned    SB 4.14.30
  paṇḍita-purandara—Purandara Paṇḍita    Madhya 11.85
  paṇḍita-sthāne—at the place of the teacher    Adi 15.5
  paṇḍita-vakreśvara—Paṇḍita Vakreśvara    Madhya 16.127-129
  paṇḍita-ṭhāñi—from Gadādhara Paṇḍita    Antya 7.171
  paḍila paṇḍita—Paṇḍita Gosāñi fell    Antya 7.95
  puruṣottama paṇḍita—of the name Puruṣottama Paṇḍita    Adi 12.63
  rāghava paṇḍita—of the name Rāghava Paṇḍita    Adi 10.24
  rāghava paṇḍita—the great scholar named Rāghava paṇḍita    Antya 6.71
  rāghava-paṇḍita cale—Rāghava Paṇḍita was going    Antya 12.12
  rāghava-paṇḍita sane—with Rāghava Paṇḍita    Madhya 14.81
  rāghava-paṇḍita-dvārā—through Rāghava paṇḍita    Antya 6.127
  sadāśiva-paṇḍita—of the name Sadāśiva Paṇḍita    Adi 10.34
  su-paṇḍita—very learned scholar    Antya 2.84
  tomāra paṇḍita-sabāra—of the learned scholars of your community    Madhya 18.197
  vaiṣṇava-paṇḍita-ṭhāñi—from a self-realized, advanced Vaiṣṇava    Antya 13.117
  vakreśvara paṇḍita—of the name Vakreśvara Paṇḍita    Adi 10.17
  vanamālī paṇḍita—of the name Vanamālī Paṇḍita    Adi 10.73
  vijaya-paṇḍita—of the name Vijaya Paṇḍita    Adi 12.65
  ye paṇḍita śune—any learned person who hears    Madhya 25.27

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