Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pancama

  pañcama—fifth    Adi 4.3, Adi 4.99-100, Adi 7.85, Adi 7.144
  pañcama—the fifth note    Madhya 1.76, Antya 1.79, Antya 1.114
  pañcama—five    Adi 12.17
  pañcama—the fifth musical note    Madhya 17.199
  pañcama puruṣa-artha—the fifth platform of perfection of life    Madhya 9.261
  pañcama vatsare—on the fifth year    Madhya 16.86
  pañcama-puruṣa-artha—the fifth and ultimate goal of life    Madhya 23.101

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