Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: paksa

  pakṣa—partiality towards us like the wings of a bird    SB 1.13.8
  pakṣa—the shoulders    SB 3.21.22
  pakṣa—wing    Adi 10.20
  kaṁsa-pakṣa—the party of Kaṁsa    Madhya 13.156
  pakṣa-bhuktim—the passage of a fortnight    SB 5.22.8
  pakṣa-cchedaḥ—the cutting of the wings    SB 8.11.34
  pakṣa-dina—for a fortnight    Madhya 12.205
  pakṣa-dvayam—two fortnights    SB 5.22.5
  pakṣa-kṛtya—duties on the fortnights    Madhya 24.340
  pakṣa-poṣaṇaḥ—who supports the party.    SB 3.24.29
  para-pakṣa—on the side of the enemy    SB 7.5.6
  pūrva-pakṣa—the objections    Adi 2.62
  pūrva-pakṣa—opposing side    Adi 2.71
  pūrva-pakṣa—objection    Adi 2.108
  pūrva-pakṣa—opposing elements    Madhya 6.176
  pūrva-pakṣa-apara-pakṣābhyām—by the period of waxing and waning    SB 5.22.9

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