Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: paile

  paile—You have gotten    Adi 7.91
  paile—after achieving    Adi 10.46
  paile—if getting    Madhya 4.123
  paile—if I get    Madhya 17.145
  paile—when one gets    Madhya 24.111
  paile—if you take    Antya 6.123
  paile—if gotten    Antya 13.35
  paile—if obtaining    Antya 19.97

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: paile

  na paile—without getting    Madhya 12.31, Antya 15.23
  na paile—if I do not get    Madhya 13.138, Antya 3.113
  dhana paile—when one gets riches    Madhya 20.140
  kasi paile—when they passed away at Kasi (Varanasi)    Antya 13.118
  na paile—if does not get    Antya 17.45
  na paile—if they do not get    Antya 19.97
  prasada paile—when he takes his lunch    Madhya 15.294
  paile gosani—you have gotten the shelter of the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Madhya 1.220
  paile tumi—did you obtain    Madhya 17.165
  tumi paile—you have gotten    Madhya 15.125