Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: paibe

  paibe—will get    Adi 4.233, Adi 8.11, Madhya 9.60
  paibe—will obtain    Adi 1.107
  paibe—he will get    Adi 17.33
  paibe—will get back    Madhya 18.170
  paibe—you will get    Antya 6.238
  paibe—must achieve    Antya 10.160

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: paibe

  krsna-carana paibe—you will get shelter at the lotus feet of Krsna.    Madhya 25.199
  na paibe—you will not get.    Madhya 20.132
  paibe para—can cross over    Antya 12.51
  paibe santosa—we get satisfaction    Madhya 13.141