Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pai

  pai—I get    Adi 12.92, Madhya 4.120, Madhya 8.101, Madhya 11.49, Madhya 17.14, Antya 20.102
  pai—get    Adi 4.258, Antya 4.199, Antya 18.115
  pai—one can get    Madhya 22.4, Madhya 22.104
  pai—I can get    Madhya 22.166, Antya 17.61
  pai—I reach    Adi 4.255
  pai—getting.    Adi 5.151
  pai—we achieve    Adi 8.28
  pai—becoming    Adi 12.39
  pai—if I get    Madhya 2.49
  pai—I may get    Madhya 8.50
  pai—getting    Madhya 9.309
  pai—we get    Madhya 10.27

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: pai

  na pai—I do not get    Antya 4.56, Antya 6.324
  aparadha pai—I shall be an offender.    Madhya 15.197
  duhkha pai—in great unhappiness.    Madhya 10.72
  kaudi pai—I can get back our money    Antya 9.29
  maha-duhkha pai—I am experiencing great pain.    Madhya 4.36
  na pai—one does not get    Antya 7.26
  na pai—I cannot get    Antya 9.60
  na pai yaite—still I could not get out.    Antya 19.64
  nahi pai—I do not get    Madhya 17.68
  prasada pai—after eating the remnants of food    Antya 13.63
  pai duhkhe—I was very much aggrieved.    Madhya 17.127
  pai nai—I have not gotten.    Madhya 15.125
  pai vyatha—I get too much pain.    Madhya 15.149
  sukha pai—I get happiness    Madhya 9.35
  sukha pai—we shall get pleasure.    Madhya 18.143
  sukha pai—become very happy    Antya 6.75
  yabe pai—if I get    Madhya 1.80
  yaha pai—which one can get    Madhya 25.274