Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pah

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: pah

  asesa-dhisnya-pah—the principal men of all the planets    SB 7.4.13
  anghri-pah—the trees    Madhya 23.114
  anika-pah—the commanders of the soldiers    SB 9.10.20
  bhu-pah—O Kings    SB 4.31.17
  cedi-pah—all of them became rulers of the Cedi state.    SB 9.22.6
  daitya-danava-yutha-pah—the leaders of the Daityas and demons    SB 8.21.25
  sarva-dhisnya-pah—the rulers of the heavenly planets.    SB 7.8.26
  soma-pah—drinkers of soma juice    Bg 9.20
  soma-pah—drinking soma juice    SB 3.32.3
  soma-pah—drinkers of soma-rasa    SB 6.18.66-67
  sura-ari-yutha-pah—the other leaders of the demons (not only Hiranyakasipu).    SB 7.8.16
  sura-pah—a drunkard    SB 6.2.9-10
  vatsa-pah—tending the calves    SB 10.13.27
  varana-yutha-pah—the leader of the elephants    SB 8.2.20