Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: padme

  padme—on the lotus    SB 3.4.13

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: padme

  pada-padme—unto the lotus feet    Adi 1.37, Adi 1.38, Adi 1.39
  mukha-padme—on the lotus face    Antya 11.53
  padme-mukhe—between the lotus flowers and the faces    Antya 18.92
  pada-padme—on the lotus feet    Adi 7.170
  pada-padme—at the lotus feet    Antya 4.40
  sei padme—on that lotus    Adi 5.102
  sei padme—on that lotus flower    Madhya 20.287
  tat-amala-pada-padme—at the spotless lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Antya 20.154
  visnu-pada-padme—in the lotus feet of Lord Visnu    Adi 16.80