Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: padma

  padma—lotus    SB 3.9.21, SB 3.15.44, SB 3.16.7, Madhya 20.225, Madhya 20.227, Madhya 20.228, Madhya 20.229, Madhya 20.230, Madhya 20.231, Madhya 20.232 (and more...)
  padma—lotus flower    SB 2.8.9, SB 3.19.7, SB 3.21.45-47, SB 4.24.22, SB 4.24.47-48, SB 4.24.52, Adi 5.27-28, Adi 5.102, Adi 17.13, Madhya 20.224 (and more...)
  padma—lotuses    SB 3.21.9, SB 4.9.64
  padma—the blue lotus flowers    Antya 18.96, Antya 18.97
  padma—lotuslike    SB 3.16.11
  padma—of the lotus    SB 4.9.14
  padma—a lotus flower    SB 6.18.41
  padma—of the lotuses    SB 8.2.14-19
  padma—of a lotus    SB 9.14.25
  padma—ten trillion    Madhya 21.20
  padma—the lotus flower    Antya 15.52
  padma—of the goddess of fortune    Madhya 8.5
  padma—Lord Brahma    SB 1.18.14

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: padma

  pada-padma—lotus feet    SB 4.9.10, Adi 3.108, Adi 4.273, Adi 8.81, Madhya 7.124, Madhya 12.21, Antya 4.42
  anghri-padma-sudhaya—by the nectar derived from the lotus feet of Krsna    Madhya 8.226
  asta-padma-sange—is associated with the eight lotus flowers.    Antya 19.94
  sankha-cakra-gada-padma—of the conchshell, disc, club and lotus    SB 10.3.30
  sri-padma-carana—the lotus feet of the Lord.    Madhya 13.9
  gaura-pada-padma—the lotus feet of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 5.106
  govinda-pada-padma-asavam—the nectarean beverage flowing from the lotus feet of Govinda    Madhya 24.215
  hrt-padma-karnika—the whorl of the lotus flower of the heart    SB 4.8.50
  krsna-anghri-padma—of the lotus feet of Lord Krsna    SB 6.3.33
  mukha-padma—lotuslike face    SB 3.5.41
  mukha-padma—of the lotuslike face    Madhya 8.5
  nija-pada-padma—His own lotus feet    Adi 5.182
  nabhi-padma—the navel lotus flower    SB 3.9.2
  nabhi-padma—lotus navel    Adi 5.102
  padma-aksah—lotus-eyed    SB 3.24.17
  padma-bhavah—Lord Brahma, who appeared from the lotus flower    SB 8.21.2-3
  padma-cini—sugar obtained from lotus flowers    Madhya 14.31
  padma-cini—padma-cini    Antya 10.119
  padma-cini—a sweet preparation made from lotus flowers    Antya 18.106
  padma-canda—the lotus flower and the moon    Antya 15.71
  padma-ganera—of the bluish lotus flowers    Antya 18.96
  padma-garbha—the interior of a lotus    SB 3.28.13
  padma-ja—Lord Brahma (born from the lotus)    SB 7.10.50
  padma-ja-adibhih—Lord Brahma and others    SB 7.15.77
  padma-jah—Lord Brahma, who was born of a lotus flower    SB 8.16.24
  padma-kara—lotus flower in hand.    Madhya 20.225
  padma-karah—lotus hand    SB 7.9.26
  padma-kara—the goddess of fortune, who carries a lotus flower in her hand    SB 4.20.27
  padma-karam—with a lotus in her hand    SB 8.8.14
  padma-kosa—lotus buds    SB 3.23.33
  padma-kosa—the whorl of the lotus flower    SB 4.24.45-46
  padma-kosam—the whorl of the lotus    SB 3.10.8
  padma-kosah—bud of a lotus flower    SB 3.8.14
  padma-kosah—the lotus flower    SB 4.25.28
  padma-kosah—the mark of the whorl of a lotus    SB 9.20.24-26
  padma-kose—on the lotus of    SB 4.9.2
  padma-kosah—a lotus    SB 9.1.9
  padma-locana—the lotus eyes    Madhya 2.53
  padma-locana—the lotus-eyed one    Antya 17.60
  padma-mandala—the circle of lotus flowers    Antya 18.95
  padma-maye—made of a lotus    SB 4.18.17
  padma-mudra—marked with the sign of the lotus    SB 3.24.17
  padma-malinam—decorated with a garland of lotus flowers    SB 9.16.2
  padma-nabha—of the name Padmanabha    Madhya 1.115
  padma-nabha—Padmanabha    Madhya 20.201
  padma-padbhyam—by His two lotus feet    SB 9.10.4
  padma-palasa-aksah—the Lord, whose eyes are like the petals of a lotus flower    SB 4.20.20
  padma-palasa-aksah—with eyes like the petals of a lotus flower    SB 6.1.34-36
  padma-palasa-locanat—from the lotus-eyed Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 4.8.23
  padma-patram—lotus leaf    Bg 5.10
  padma-patrera—of the leaf of the lotus flower    Madhya 2.24
  padma-raga—with rubies    SB 3.23.19
  padma-sambhava—O Lord Brahma, born from the lotus flower    SB 7.10.30
  padma-srajah—decorated with garlands of lotuses    SB 9.3.15
  padma-utpala—the blue and red lotus flowers    Antya 18.97
  padma-vana—the forest of lotus flowers    Madhya 25.273
  padma-yonih—Lord Brahma    SB 6.17.12
  padma-akara—the birthplaces of lotuses or nice reservoirs of water    SB 1.11.12
  padma-asana—Lord Brahma    Adi 5.221
  padma-asavam—nectar of the lotus flower    SB 1.18.12
  pada-padma—of the lotus flower of the feet    SB 8.23.7
  pada-padma—unto the lotus feet    Adi 1.40
  pada-padma—of the lotus feet    Antya 6.136
  pada-padma—the lotus feet    Antya 19.6
  padma-anuvrttya—by the request of the one who is born from the lotus    SB 3.1.26
  sei padma-nale—within the stem of that lotus flower    Adi 5.103
  sei padma-nale—within the stem of that lotus    Madhya 20.288
  sei pada-padma—those lotus feet    Madhya 7.124
  tanra nabhi-padma haite—from His lotus navel    Madhya 20.287
  tanra pada-padma—the lotus feet of Gopinatha    Madhya 4.14