Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: padite

  paḍite—reciting    Madhya 4.198, Antya 13.128
  paḍite—to drop    Adi 4.253
  paḍite—to study.    Adi 16.9
  paḍite—while reading    Adi 17.91
  paḍite—to recite.    Madhya 2.57
  paḍite—to fall down.    Madhya 13.180
  paḍite—to read.    Antya 1.81
  pāḍite—to lie down    Antya 13.14
  paḍite lāgilā—began to recite.    Madhya 6.259, Madhya 10.118, Madhya 19.73, Antya 14.55, Antya 15.62, Antya 16.116, Antya 16.118, Antya 18.24
  nā pāre paḍite—could not recite.    Antya 13.127
  paḍite śunite—reciting and hearing.    Antya 18.5
  paḍite lāgilā—began to read.    Antya 1.176

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