Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: padah

  padah—a kingdom    SB 5.24.28
  padah—of the place    SB 10.2.38
  padah—leg    SB 1.17.25
  padah—legs    SB 1.17.24
  padah—principles    SB 3.12.35

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: padah

  bahu-padah—those who have many legs    SB 3.29.30
  catuh-padah—the four-legged (bulls).    SB 5.1.14
  catuh-padah—four-legged    SB 5.18.27
  catuh-padah—the four-legged animals like the deer.    SB 6.4.9
  catuh-padah—four-legged    SB 3.29.30
  dvi-padah—two-legged    SB 5.18.27
  jana-padah—desiring to serve the people in general    SB 5.4.5
  jana-padah—cities and towns    SB 1.8.40
  jana-padah—cities    SB 1.14.20
  krta-padah—whose lotus feet were placed    SB 6.4.35-39
  padah trayah—the cosmos of three fourths of the Lord's energy    SB 2.6.20
  rudha-padah—when it is acute    SB 10.4.38
  sthiti-padah—the reservoir of all material opulence    SB 2.6.19
  tirtha-padah—of the Supreme Lord    SB 3.1.17
  tirtha-padah—whose lotus feet are all the places of pilgrimage    SB 3.5.11
  tirtha-padah—one whose lotus feet are as good as a place of pilgrimage    SB 3.5.41
  tirtha-padah—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 3.23.42
  tirtha-padah—the Lord, at whose feet are the holy places    SB 9.5.16
  tirtha-padah—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, at whose lotus feet are all places of pilgrimage    Madhya 8.72
  tirtha-padah—the Lord, whose lotus feet are the source of all virtues or holiness    SB 1.6.33
  upanat-padah—for a person who has suitable shoes    SB 7.15.17
  visnu-padah—the lotus feet of Lord Visnu.    SB 3.31.21
  asrita-padah—surrendered soul    SB 2.7.42
  asrita-padah—those who have taken shelter of the Lord    Madhya 6.235