Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pabe

  pābe—you will get    Adi 8.15, Adi 14.66, Madhya 7.129, Madhya 16.70, Madhya 20.134, Madhya 25.153, Antya 3.137, Antya 4.65, Antya 6.143, Antya 7.137 (and more...)
  pābe—one will get    Adi 7.73
  pābe—he will get    Adi 8.43
  pābe—can get    Adi 12.42
  pābe—will get    Madhya 4.176
  pābe—will achieve    Antya 3.77
  pābe—will feel    Antya 13.13
  dekhā pābe—will be able to see    Madhya 15.46
  mukti pābe—you will get liberation    Madhya 25.154
  pābe prema-dhana—you will achieve the highest goal, ecstatic love of Kṛṣṇa.    Madhya 25.154
  pābe tumi—you will get    Antya 6.295
  yei pābe—anyone who smells    Antya 12.114

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