Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pa

  pa—feet    Antya 4.119

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: pa

  akhila-vitta-pa—I am the possessor of unlimited opulence and wealth    SB 10.8.42
  asta-loka-pa—of the predominating deities of the eight heavenly planets    SB 3.23.39
  ati-atma-pa-durga-margah—escaping their caretakers because of increased affection for the calves, although the way was very rough and hard    SB 10.13.30
  bhu-pa—O King    SB 1.9.22
  daitya-yutha-pa—the leaders of the demons    SB 8.8.41-46
  gandharva-pa—like celestial beings of Gandharvaloka    Antya 18.25
  madhu-pa—and bumble bees    Adi 2.2
  tri-pista-pa-pateh api—although I am the King of the demigods    SB 6.7.12
  vitta-pa—of the owner of riches, Kuvera, the treasurer of the heavenly planets    SB 5.10.17
  yutha-pa—commander in chief    SB 3.4.28
  yutha-pa—as strong as an elephant    SB 7.10.47