Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ojasa

  ojasā—with great strength    SB 4.4.33, SB 5.24.17, SB 7.8.16, SB 8.6.33, SB 8.10.35
  ojasā—with great force    SB 6.10.15, SB 6.11.2-3, SB 6.12.32, SB 7.15.72
  ojasā—by prowess.    SB 1.12.12, SB 1.16.4, SB 5.4.2
  ojasā—by My energy    Bg 15.13
  ojasā—by strength    SB 3.3.1
  ojasā—with all his strength    SB 3.19.14
  ojasā—by their own power.    SB 3.26.71
  ojasā—by their brahminical prowess.    SB 5.4.7
  ojasā—with speed    SB 5.18.28
  ojasā—with resounding voices.    SB 6.1.31
  ojasā—with his strength    SB 6.11.8
  ojasā—by dint of the power of my austerity    SB 7.3.11
  ojasā—by personal power    SB 7.4.14
  ojasā—by the influence    SB 7.8.50
  ojasā—very forcefully    SB 8.11.32
  ojasā—very fiercely    SB 9.15.29
  mahasā ojasā—by courage and power    SB 4.22.60
  mahima-ojasā—with glory and strength    SB 6.19.5

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