Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nivrtti

  nivṛtti—of detachment    Adi 17.156
  nivṛtti—path of self realization    SB 1.7.8
  nivṛtti—on the path of self-realization    SB 1.7.9
  nivṛtti—detachment    SB 3.7.12
  nivṛtti—renunciation    SB 3.8.7
  nivṛtti—and cessation of activity    SB 5.21.7
  nivṛtti—stop    Madhya 3.215
  anartha-nivṛtti—disappearance of all unwanted contamination    Madhya 23.11
  nivṛtti-dharma—in religious activities for detachment    SB 3.32.6
  nivṛtti-lakṣaṇa-mārgaḥ—the path symptomized by renunciation, or the path of liberation    SB 5.26.38
  nivṛtti-mān—containing detachment    SB 3.32.34-36
  nivṛtti-mārgaḥ—the path of liberation    SB 6.1.1

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