Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nivrtta

  nivrtta—freed from    SB 3.9.2, SB 5.4.14
  nivrtta—completely transcendental to the actions of the material modes    SB 1.8.27
  nivrtta—being stopped    SB 1.9.31
  nivrtta—without endeavor    SB 3.5.6
  nivrtta—retired    SB 3.8.21
  nivrtta—averted from    SB 3.14.37
  nivrtta—transcended    SB 3.27.10
  nivrtta—freed    SB 3.33.26
  nivrtta—stopped    SB 5.9.9-10
  nivrtta—released from    SB 10.1.4

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: nivrtta

  nija-labha-nivrtta-trsnah—who was complete in Himself and had no other desire to fulfill    SB 5.6.19
  nivrtta hana—stopping such an action    Madhya 16.275
  nivrtta hana—being restrained    Madhya 17.23
  nivrtta-dvaita-drstaye—whose vision turns away from duality, or who is one without a second.    SB 6.16.18-19
  nivrtta-manaya—who has surpassed all material measurements and calculations    SB 6.4.23