Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nistha

  nistha—firm faith    Madhya 15.155, Madhya 22.134, Madhya 23.11, Madhya 23.14-15
  nistha—faith    Bg 3.3, Bg 17.1, SB 3.9.38
  nistha—attachment    SB 7.14.13
  nistha—stage    Bg 18.50
  nistha—devotion    Adi 3.49
  nistha—firmly fixed    Madhya 6.104
  nistha—of devotion    Madhya 10.170

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: nistha

  karma-nistha—attracted to fruitive activities    Madhya 19.147, Madhya 24.214
  mat-nistha—fixed only on Me    Madhya 20.138, Madhya 25.136
  bhakti-nistha—faith in devotional service    Madhya 15.137
  caitanya-nistha—faith in Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 13.59
  karma-nistha—the fruitive workers    Adi 7.29-30
  koti-karma-nistha-madhye—among millions of such performers of fruitive activities according to Vedic principles    Madhya 19.147
  krsna-nistha—devoted to Krsna    Antya 2.97
  krsna-nistha—being fixed at the lotus feet of Krsna    Madhya 19.215
  krsna-nistha—attachment for Krsna    Madhya 19.231
  nistha-antah—the end of the dynasty    SB 9.12.15
  nistha haite—from such firm faith    Madhya 23.11
  nistha kara—keep strong faith    Madhya 16.239
  nistha-parayana—fully devoted    Adi 3.45
  para-atma-nistha-matra—only for the determination to serve Krsna    Madhya 3.8
  tapah-nistha—performers of austerities    Adi 17.260
  tarka-nistha—hardened by argument    Madhya 6.100
  tarka-nistha—accustomed to speculation    Antya 3.205
  tat-nistha—who are faithful devotees of the Lord    SB 9.4.21
  tat-nistha—attachment or attraction for Him    Madhya 19.212
  veda-nistha-madhye—among persons who are followers of the Vedas    Madhya 19.146
  vasa-nistha—residence    Madhya 19.252