Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nisi

  niśi—at night    SB 1.6.9, SB 1.7.35, SB 2.7.29, SB 2.7.31, SB 3.9.10, SB 5.9.13, SB 9.2.4, SB 9.2.5-6, SB 9.6.27, SB 9.14.29 (and more...)
  niśi—in the dead of night.    Madhya 19.210, Antya 7.42
  niśi—nocturnal    SB 2.7.33
  niśi—in the night    SB 9.14.30
  niśi—the whole night    SB 9.14.43
  ahaḥ-niśi—day and night    Antya 5.49-50
  niśi supta—inactive at night    SB 1.10.21
  vyuṣṭāyām niśi—when the night had passed (in the morning)    SB 9.2.8

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