Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nisedha

  nisedha—prohibition.    Adi 17.156, Adi 17.159, Antya 3.8
  nisedha—by the process of negation    SB 6.4.27-28
  nisedha—of the discrimination of neti neti (“not this, not this”)    SB 8.3.22-24

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: nisedha

  nisedha kare—forbids    Antya 3.6
  nisedha karila—forbade.    Madhya 14.19
  nisedha karila—he forbade.    Antya 13.112
  nisedha karila—forbade.    Antya 16.46
  nisedha karite nare—unable to prohibit Lord Ramacandra    Adi 5.151
  vidhi-nisedha—regulative principles of rules and restrictions    Madhya 24.16