Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nirvisesa

  nirvisesa—impersonal    Adi 5.37, Adi 7.140, Madhya 6.141, Madhya 6.151, Madhya 24.82
  nirvisesa—with out varieties    Adi 5.34, Madhya 20.159
  nirvisesa—without variegatedness    Adi 2.13
  nirvisesa—nothing peculiar but as He is    Adi 10.57

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: nirvisesa

  nirvisesa-brahma—the impersonal Brahman effulgence    Adi 5.38, Madhya 24.83
  nirvisesa sthapi—if we make impersonal    Madhya 25.33
  nirvisesa-brahma—impersonal Brahman    Madhya 18.186
  nirvisesa-brahme—in the impersonal Brahman effulgence    Madhya 25.51
  nirvisesa-gosani—the Supreme Personality of Godhead as impersonal    Madhya 18.200