Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nirveda

  nirveda—disappointment    Madhya 2.35, Madhya 3.127, Madhya 4.202
  nirveda—despondency    Madhya 2.76

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: nirveda

  nirveda ha-ila—there was disappointment    Antya 4.6
  nirveda-harsa-adi—complete despondency, jubilation and so on    Madhya 23.52
  nirveda-mulah—the source of detachment    SB 1.19.14
  nirveda-vacana—words of reproach.    Antya 6.313
  nirveda-vacana—a statement of disappointment.    Antya 10.113
  nirveda-vadinim—who was speaking words full of renunciation    SB 3.24.1
  apana-nirveda—His indifference    Antya 9.149