Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nirvanam

  nirvanam—mitigation    SB 1.5.40
  nirvanam—liberation    SB 3.25.28
  nirvanam—extinction    SB 3.28.35
  nirvanam—cessation of materialistic existence    SB 3.33.30
  nirvanam—the satisfaction    SB 4.9.27
  nirvanam—spiritual bliss    SB 4.11.14
  nirvanam—extinction of material existence    SB 4.13.8-9
  nirvanam—the cessation    SB 6.5.11
  nirvanam—purification from all material contamination    SB 7.15.34

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: nirvanam

  brahma-nirvanam—liberation in the Supreme    Bg 5.25, Bg 5.26
  brahma-nirvanam—spiritual (kingdom of God)    Bg 2.72
  brahma-nirvanam—liberated in the Supreme    Bg 5.24
  vibhava-nirvanam—the annihilation of that opulence    SB 9.4.15-16