Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nirvana

  nirvāṇa—salvation    SB 1.16.23
  nirvāṇa—of liberation    SB 6.4.27-28
  nirvāṇa—for one completely freed from material activities    SB 8.3.11
  avasita-karma-nirvāṇa-avasaraḥ—Mahārāja Bharata who ascertained the moment of the end of his royal opulence    SB 5.7.8
  brahma-nirvāṇa—in brahmānanda    SB 4.6.39
  brahma-nirvāṇa—connected with the Supreme Brahman, the Absolute Truth    SB 7.7.37
  kaivalya-nirvāṇa-sukha—of liberation and transcendental bliss    SB 7.15.76
  nirvāṇa-paramām—cessation of material existence    Bg 6.15
  nirvāṇa-sukha—of transcendental happiness    SB 7.10.49
  nirvāṇa-sukha-arṇavāya—unto the ocean of eternal bliss, beyond material existence    SB 8.6.8
  nirvāṇa-sukha-saṁvidā—by transcendental bliss, putting an end to material existence    SB 9.7.25-26
  nirvāṇa-ātman—O embodiment of nirvāṇa    SB 3.25.29

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