Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nirodhah

  nirodhah—going back home, back to Godhead    SB 2.10.1
  nirodhah—the winding up of the cosmic manifestation    SB 2.10.6
  nirodhah—and its winding up    SB 2.10.7
  nirodhah—suspension    SB 2.10.19
  nirodhah—destruction    SB 3.31.44
  nirodhah—stoppage    SB 9.3.5
  nirodhah—death    SB 10.2.39
  nirodhah—the winding up of creation    Adi 2.91-92
  nirodhah—winding up    Madhya 24.135

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: nirodhah

  prana-nirodhah—choking the life air    SB 4.8.82