Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nirgrantha

  nirgrantha—nirgrantha    Madhya 24.16
  nirgrantha—called nirgrantha    Madhya 24.17
  nirgrantha—fully liberated    Madhya 24.162
  nirgrantha—without education    Madhya 24.187
  nirgrantha—down to the illiterate    Madhya 24.203
  nirgrantha—foolish, uneducated    Madhya 24.204
  nirgrantha—either learned or foolish    Madhya 24.293
  nirgranthä—the word nirgranthä    Madhya 24.302

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: nirgrantha

  nirgrantha haïä—becoming indifferent to the mystic yoga process.    Madhya 24.167
  nirgrantha haïä—becoming nirgrantha    Madhya 24.226
  nirgrantha-çabde—by the word nirgrantha    Madhya 24.227