Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: niraye

  niraye—in hell    SB 3.21.14, SB 4.9.9, SB 5.26.35, SB 8.21.32
  niraye—in the hell    SB 5.26.21, SB 5.26.30
  niraye—into hell    SB 2.7.9
  niraye—in the hellish material entanglement    SB 3.24.27
  niraye—in a hellish condition    SB 3.30.32
  niraye—hellish conditions of life (the governmentís prison for criminal activities like rape, kidnapping or theft of othersí property).    SB 5.14.22
  niraye—in hellish life    SB 6.2.45

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing niraye.