Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nija

  nija—own    SB 3.16.8, SB 4.23.11, SB 4.31.22, SB 5.8.20, SB 5.20.40, SB 8.2.25, Adi 3.39, Adi 4.126, Adi 4.166, Adi 4.167-169 (and more...)
  nija—His own    SB 1.9.35, SB 2.9.19, SB 5.20.40, Adi 3.54, Adi 4.50, Adi 7.145, Adi 9.12, Adi 14.44, Adi 17.252, Madhya 8.250 (and more...)
  nija—personal    SB 6.9.33, SB 7.8.19-22, Adi 6.67, Madhya 4.186, Madhya 13.191, Antya 1.31
  nija—Your own    Madhya 1.279, Madhya 14.208, Antya 16.58
  nija—one's own    Adi 4.200-201, Antya 1.153
  nija—own personal    SB 1.10.22
  nija—to oneself    SB 6.16.42
  nija—Your own personal    SB 7.9.32
  nija—our own    Adi 1.21
  nija—own.    Adi 4.103
  nija—my own    Madhya 3.185
  nija—his personal    Madhya 6.240
  nija—by him    Madhya 6.250
  nija—to their own    Madhya 11.211

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: nija

  nija-ghare—to his own home    Adi 17.40, Madhya 9.83, Madhya 9.327, Madhya 9.350
  nija-nija—their own    Madhya 9.10, Madhya 9.10, Madhya 9.43, Madhya 9.43
  nija-dhana—personal property    Adi 13.124, Antya 4.76, Antya 4.94
  nija-gana lana—with His personal associates    Adi 5.25, Madhya 14.42, Madhya 25.168
  nija-pada-pallavam—the shelter of His own lotus feet.    Madhya 22.40, Madhya 24.103, Madhya 24.199
  nija-sthane—to His own place    Madhya 18.54, Antya 2.137, Antya 13.88
  nija nija—each his own    Adi 4.43, Adi 4.43
  nija nija—in their own respective    Adi 17.300, Adi 17.300
  nija nija—each one of them    Madhya 12.100, Madhya 12.100
  nija nija—personally cooked    Madhya 13.197, Madhya 13.197
  nija nija—Their own respective    Madhya 20.226, Madhya 20.226
  nija nija—respective    Antya 10.54, Antya 10.54
  nija nija karye—to their respective duties    Antya 2.126, Antya 2.126
  nija nija sthane—in their respective places    Madhya 16.276, Madhya 16.276
  nija sthane—at His own place.    Madhya 10.185, Madhya 11.197
  nija-dasa—personal servant.    Madhya 6.56, Madhya 14.215
  nija-ghara—to His own residence    Madhya 3.40, Madhya 15.31
  nija-granthe—in his own book    Madhya 24.347, Antya 16.86
  nija-grhe—to His own residence    Madhya 1.64, Antya 2.112
  nija-jana—of His devotees    SB 4.31.20, SB 5.3.2
  nija-mayaya—by His own potency    SB 4.8.57, SB 8.3.4
  nija-nija—their own respective    Madhya 8.242, Madhya 8.242
  nija-nija—personally cooked    Madhya 13.199, Madhya 13.199
  nija-nija—of one's own choice    Madhya 22.161, Madhya 22.161
  nija-nija-grhe—to your respective homes    Madhya 3.206, Madhya 3.206
  nija-nija-icchaya—by their own desires    SB 5.6.10, SB 5.6.10
  nija-nija-karye—to their own respective duties    Madhya 8.234, Madhya 8.234
  nija-nija-karye—in their respective duties    Madhya 8.261, Madhya 8.261
  nija-nija-vasa—to the respective residential quarters    Madhya 11.182, Madhya 11.182
  nija-rupataya—with His own form    Adi 4.72, Madhya 8.163
  nija-rajye—in his own kingdom    SB 1.10.2, Madhya 16.110
  nija-vastre—by His own garment    Madhya 12.104, Madhya 12.104
  nija-alaya—to his own home    Madhya 11.61, Madhya 14.244
  bhava-pantha-nija-asrama-aptau—being obtainment of the shelter of Krsna for persons within this material world    SB 6.9.45
  goloka-namni nija-dhamni—in the planet known as Goloka Vrndavana, the personal abode of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 21.49
  krta-nija-abhimanasya—who accepted the calf as his own son    SB 5.8.8
  kala-cakra-nija-ayudham—whose personal weapon is the disc of time    SB 5.14.29
  lana nija-gana—taking His own associates    Madhya 9.355
  lana nija-gana—with His personal associates.    Antya 7.170
  lana nija-gana—accompanied by His personal associates    Antya 10.103
  lana nija-sange—taking with him personally    Madhya 18.53
  mora nija-dharma—my own religious duty.    Antya 13.97
  nija bhakta-gane—the devotees of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 4.107
  nija bhakte atmasat—accepting His devotee again    Antya 2.169
  nija sisye—to his own disciples    Antya 13.131
  nija dharma-nasa—destruction of My religious principles.    Madhya 15.48
  nija dhama—own residential quarters.    Adi 5.111
  nija gana—His personal associates.    Madhya 13.187
  nija ghara—to her own apartment    Madhya 14.213
  nija ghara—to his home    Antya 6.177
  nija ghare—to their respective homes    Adi 16.105
  nija ghare—to his own place    Madhya 19.248
  nija ghare—to his home    Antya 14.58
  nija ghare gela—returned to their respective homes.    Madhya 21.80
  nija krtya—his own duty    Madhya 4.126
  nija karye—your own business    Antya 2.125
  nija mana—his own mind.    Madhya 12.105
  nija mathe—on their own heads.    Madhya 1.216
  nija prana—his life.    Antya 6.187
  nija sthane—under His protection.    Madhya 10.188
  nija-amsa—of His personal plenary expansion    Madhya 20.307
  nija-amsena—with all the paraphernalia that is part of Him    SB 9.3.34
  nija-abhista—one's own choice    Madhya 22.159
  nija-abhimanah—having a conception of false prestige    SB 5.12.5-6
  nija-adhara-amrta—the nectar of Your lips    Antya 16.133
  nija-agrete—in front of himself    Antya 11.53
  nija-aisvarya—His personal opulence    Madhya 21.145
  nija-anga—of His own body    Adi 5.96
  nija-anga—Her personal body    Madhya 8.178
  nija-anga—personal body    Madhya 12.138
  nija-anga—own body    Madhya 19.232
  nija-anga—from His own personal body    Madhya 20.286
  nija-angam—own body    Adi 4.184
  nija-ankure—by their buds    Antya 16.148
  nija-ajnane—by their personal lack of knowledge    Madhya 18.98
  nija-amrta—its personal nectar    Madhya 21.130
  nija-anurupe—who exactly followed the principles of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Madhya 19.121
  nija-anusandhana—understanding about His personal self    Madhya 13.65
  nija-apacaya—its loss.    Madhya 15.173
  nija-bala—Your own strength    Madhya 1.200
  nija-bale—within My ability.    Antya 4.82
  nija-bandhanam—causing his own bondage    SB 6.5.11
  nija-bhajana—of His own worship    Adi 3.66
  nija-bhakta-gana—His own personal devotees.    Madhya 13.63
  nija-bhakta-gana—My own devotees.    Madhya 16.257
  nija-bhakta-gane—personal devotees    Madhya 12.199
  nija-bhakta-gane—His own personal associates.    Madhya 25.224
  nija-bhakta-pase—to His personal devotees    Antya 3.93
  nija-bhakta-sange—with His own devotees    Antya 8.6
  nija-bhaktera—of His own devotee    Antya 1.105
  nija-bhakti—His own devotion    Antya 2.14
  nija-bhrame—by their own mistake    Madhya 18.101
  nija-bhrtya-bhasitam—the words of His own servant (Prahlada Maharaja, who had said that his Lord is present everywhere)    SB 7.8.17
  nija-bhrtya-parsvam—the association of Your faithful servant, Your devotee.    SB 7.9.24
  nija-bhasya—of his own commentary    Madhya 25.142
  nija-bhave—in his own mood    Adi 4.43
  nija-buka—his chest    Adi 17.187
  nija-cakravartite—within his jurisdiction    SB 1.16.10
  nija-sakti—internal potencies    Adi 1.41
  nija-sakti—His own energy    Adi 4.71
  nija-sakti—His personal potency    Madhya 14.90
  nija-saktibhih—by Your own potencies    SB 3.16.24
  nija-saktim—His personal potency    Madhya 19.1
  nija-sarirena—by His body    SB 5.5.31
  nija-chaye—alone    Madhya 15.198
  nija-siksastaka padiya—reciting His own Siksastaka verses    Antya 20.138
  nija-sire—on my head    Antya 7.158
  nija-sire dhari—catching on my head    Antya 20.144-146
  nija-sloka padiya—reciting His own verses    Antya 20.6
  nija-sasane—in his own governing situation.    SB 4.14.19
  nija-sastra—your own scripture    Madhya 18.198
  nija-dehe—in their own bodies    Adi 4.181
  nija-dehe—with His personal body    Antya 4.95
  nija-dhana—own property    Madhya 5.29
  nija-dhana—one's own property    Madhya 5.29
  nija-dhana—My real wealth    Madhya 15.51
  nija-dhana—the personal property    Antya 16.142
  nija-dharma—by your own principles of devotion    SB 3.23.8
  nija-dharma—own duty    Adi 7.42
  nija-dharma—one's own religion    Madhya 20.6
  nija-dharma yaya—I deviate from My duty.    Antya 4.180
  nija-dharma-bhavite—being situated in oneís original constitutional position    SB 4.8.22
  nija-dhoranatah—from his swan carrier    SB 10.13.62
  nija-dhrtih—Nijadhrti    SB 5.20.26
  nija-dhama—the effulgence    Adi 1.85-86
  nija-dhama—His own abode    Adi 5.99
  nija-dhama—his own place    Madhya 2.26
  nija-duhkha—their own unhappiness    Antya 9.64
  nija-dasa—own servants.    Antya 9.141
  nija-eka-asrayataya—because of possessing all good qualities without depending on others    SB 8.8.23
  nija-gana—by personal associates    SB 5.1.7
  nija-gana—personal devotees    Madhya 7.58
  nija-gana—His personal devotees    Madhya 12.79
  nija-gana—personal associates    Madhya 16.41
  nija-gana—His devotees    Antya 10.52
  nija-gana—His own associates    Antya 18.4
  nija-gana lana—taking His personal associates.    Adi 5.196
  nija-gana lana—accompanied by associates    Madhya 9.352
  nija-gana lana—with His personal devotees    Madhya 14.52
  nija-gana lana—taking His associates    Madhya 14.113
  nija-gana lana—taking His own men.    Madhya 16.118
  nija-gana lana—taking his associates with him    Madhya 18.48
  nija-gana lana—with His own personal associates    Antya 6.107
  nija-gana lana—with His associates.    Antya 6.126
  nija-gana lana—accompanied by His personal devotees    Antya 10.57
  nija-gana lana—accompanied by his personal staff    Antya 10.63
  nija-gana lana—accompanied by His personal associates.    Antya 19.84
  nija-gana pravesi—allowing His own men    Madhya 7.85
  nija-gana ani—calling all the devotees    Madhya 7.7-8
  nija-gana-sange—with His personal associates    Madhya 16.97
  nija-gana-sange—along with His personal associates    Antya 16.104
  nija-gane—personal associates    Madhya 9.338
  nija-gane—to His own men    Madhya 14.54
  nija-gane—personal servants.    Madhya 14.209
  nija-ganera—of His personal associates    Madhya 18.179
  nija-garbha-sambhavam—born of her own womb    SB 8.18.11
  nija-ghara—to your own home    Madhya 5.107
  nija-ghara—to her apartment    Madhya 14.233
  nija-ghara—to his own place    Antya 5.32
  nija-ghara—to his home    Antya 7.89
  nija-ghara—to his room    Antya 12.120
  nija-ghare—to their respective homes    Madhya 5.35
  nija-ghare—to my place    Madhya 15.256
  nija-ghare—to his home    Madhya 17.175
  nija-ghare—at home    Madhya 19.15
  nija-ghare—to his own place    Madhya 19.77
  nija-ghare—their homes    Antya 5.25
  nija-ghare—to His residence    Antya 10.53
  nija-ghare—to Your place    Antya 14.75
  nija-ghare gela—returned to their own homes.    Madhya 18.127
  nija-ghare ya ya—returned to his home    Antya 6.14
  nija-grama—his own village.    Madhya 7.101
  nija-grame—to his own village    Madhya 7.100
  nija-guna—His transcendental qualities    Madhya 2.26
  nija-guna—his personal qualities    Madhya 15.159
  nija-gune—by transcendental qualities    Madhya 24.63
  nija-gunera—of His personal qualities    Madhya 21.14
  nija-gupta-vittam—His own personal confidential property    Madhya 23.1
  nija-gudha-karya—own confidential business    Madhya 8.280
  nija-grha—his own residence    Antya 3.99
  nija-grhe—to his own home    Madhya 19.84
  nija-grhe—to his own place    Madhya 19.246
  nija-hite—his personal benefit    Antya 7.119
  nija-indriya—of one's own senses    Madhya 8.217
  nija-indriya-gana—own senses    Madhya 13.164
  nija-indriya-sukha—for personal sense gratification    Madhya 8.218
  nija-jana—own kinsmen    Madhya 5.47
  nija-jana—His servant.    Antya 4.46
  nija-jana-anukampita-hrdayah—whose heart is always filled with mercy for His devotees    SB 5.24.27
  nija-jananam—for His own devotees    SB 5.7.9
  nija-jivita-ipsubhih—just to live undisturbed by Aghasura    SB 10.12.13
  nija-jhali—his own bags    Madhya 16.16-17
  nija-jati—as belonging to the same family    Antya 16.148
  nija-kare—by his own hand    Madhya 13.166
  nija-karne—over their ears    Antya 2.126
  nija-karma—Your activities    Madhya 9.126
  nija-karma-bandhanah—accepting different bodily forms as a result of his sinful activities    SB 8.24.47
  nija-karmabhih—by his own work.    SB 4.8.28
  nija-karmabhih—because of his own fruitive activities    SB 8.22.25
  nija-katha—personal activities    Antya 3.28
  nija-kaudi—his own money    Antya 9.91
  nija-krpa-sati—His own used cloth as special mercy.    Madhya 16.202
  nija-krta—personally composed    Madhya 19.95
  nija-krta—made by himself    Madhya 25.142
  nija-kana—own ear.    Madhya 14.231
  nija-kala-saktya—by the potent time factor    SB 7.9.33
  nija-kama—their own duty.    Madhya 12.85
  nija-kama lagiha—even for sense gratification    Madhya 24.91
  nija-karya—His own aims    Adi 5.144-145
  nija-karya—mission of His life    Antya 4.100
  nija-karye—to their respective duties    Antya 4.145
  nija-lilaya—in His personal pastimes    Madhya 8.207
  nija-loka—all his relatives    Madhya 5.37
  nija-loka—his servants    Antya 6.52
  nija-loka diya—with my own men    Madhya 20.20
  nija-loka lana—with His personal associates    Madhya 25.167
  nija-loka-yatraya—by a practice arrived at by their own mental concoction    SB 5.6.11
  nija-loke—in his own abode    Adi 5.221
  nija-labha—self-realized    SB 1.19.25
  nija-labha—His profit    Antya 5.82
  nija-labha-nivrtta-trsnah—who was complete in Himself and had no other desire to fulfill    SB 5.6.19
  nija-labha-purnah—is always satisfied in Himself (He does not need to be satisfied by the service of others)    SB 7.9.11
  nija-labhena—by His own potencies    SB 1.11.4-5
  nija-mahimani—whose own glory    SB 10.13.57
  nija-mana—his own mind.    Madhya 12.133
  nija-manisaya—by his own fertile brain    SB 5.6.9
  nija-mata—His own conviction    Madhya 6.177
  nija-mukha—from her own mouth    SB 5.2.6
  nija-mukhe—by your own mouth    Adi 16.39
  nija-madhurya—My own transcendental humor    Madhya 8.288
  nija-matara—of My own mother    Madhya 16.256
  nija-mayaya—by His internal potency    SB 3.28.32
  nija-mayaya—by His transcendental potency    SB 6.9.25
  nija-mayaya—by Your own external energy    SB 7.9.30
  nija-mayaya arpitam—manifested by Your personal potency    SB 5.18.31
  nija-nakhe—with His nails    Antya 14.36
  nija-netra—his eyes    Antya 11.53
  nija-nama—real name    Antya 2.53
  nija-nathanam—who had accepted Him, the Supreme Lord, as their supreme shelter    SB 10.2.6
  nija-nataka—of the drama composed by him    Antya 5.14
  nija-pada—Your lotus feet.    Madhya 13.147
  nija-pada-dana—shelter at Your lotus feet.    Antya 11.5
  nija-pranayitam—own devotional love    Antya 1.177
  nija-pratijna—His own promise    Madhya 16.144
  nija-priya-dana—to present to the Lord something very dear to oneself    Madhya 22.124
  nija-prana—my own life    Madhya 15.262
  nija-prana—of his life    Antya 11.96
  nija-purusa—of Your devotees    SB 5.3.10
  nija-purusa-hrt-likhitena—which is situated in the heart of His own devotee like an engraved picture    SB 5.7.7
  nija-putra—his son    Madhya 6.33
  nija-pada-padma—His own lotus feet    Adi 5.182
  nija-pada-pallavam—His own lotus feet.    SB 5.19.27
  nija-pana—own drinking    Antya 16.125
  nija-ramana-aruna-carana-aravinda—on the Lordís reddish lotus feet    SB 5.7.12
  nija-rasa—Your own transcendental mellow    Madhya 8.279
  nija-rupa—personal body    Adi 5.23
  nija-rupa—His own form    Adi 17.231
  nija-rupa—personal form    Madhya 6.202
  nija-rupa—Your real form    Madhya 8.278
  nija-rupam asthita—remained in her original demoniac form    SB 10.6.13
  nija-rajya-mane—within the kingdom of Her own mind    Antya 17.58
  nija-sangi—of My associates    Madhya 17.13
  nija-sakhi-gana—as a gopi friend.    Antya 19.33
  nija-sama—equal to Himself    Madhya 21.108
  nija-sambandha—one's own relationship with Krsna    Madhya 19.203
  nija-samihitam—chosen by oneself    Madhya 22.160
  nija-sampatti—her opulence    Madhya 14.139
  nija-sarga—Your own creation    SB 6.14.55
  nija-sarva-saktih—all kinds of personal potency    Antya 20.16
  nija-simhasane—on His own throne.    Madhya 14.61
  nija-skandhe—on their shoulders    Madhya 15.18
  nija-sthana—to their homes.    Antya 15.94
  nija-sthane—to His own residence    Madhya 6.236
  nija-sthane—in His own place    Antya 17.61
  nija-sthane—in their own places    Antya 18.76
  nija-sukha—for their own happiness    Adi 4.188
  nija-sukha—her own happiness.    Madhya 3.204
  nija-sukha—personal happiness    Madhya 8.208
  nija-sukha—your own sense gratification    Madhya 16.140
  nija-sukha haite—than personal happiness    Madhya 8.210
  nija-sukha-vanchara—of desire for one's own happiness    Adi 4.199
  nija-sukhe—in her own happiness    Antya 20.55
  nija-sutau—their own respective sons    SB 10.8.23
  nija-svare—with the vibration of the flute    Antya 16.127
  nija-ucita—exactly befitting Your position    Antya 7.127
  nija-uru-tejasam—whose unlimited power    SB 10.6.7
  nija-vadana-salila—the water from its mouth    SB 5.8.25
  nija-vane—in her own garden    SB 3.15.22
  nija-vartma—His own personal way of life    SB 8.1.16
  nija-veda-pathat—from his own path, recommended by the Vedas    SB 5.26.15
  nija-virya-sankitam—afraid of his prowess    SB 7.8.27
  nija-virya-vaibhavam—whose influence is uncommon    SB 5.18.11
  nija-vipra—of his own brahmana servant    Madhya 6.249
  nija-vancha—His own desires, karila    Adi 4.221
  nija-vasa—own residence    Adi 5.98
  nija-vase—in their own cloths    Madhya 12.89
  nija-vasa—to His place    Antya 16.101
  nija-vasa aila—returned to His own residence    Madhya 10.183
  nija-vat—his intention.    Antya 6.230
  nija-yoga-mayaya—by His own spiritual potency    SB 8.18.11
  nija-yoni—causing their own bodies    SB 7.2.41
  nija-asrame—to his own asrama    SB 7.7.12
  nija-alaya—in His own house    Adi 13.99
  nija-alaya—to his own place.    Madhya 19.44
  nija-alaya—for His place    Antya 4.205
  nija-asanam—his own throne    SB 7.3.9-10
  nija-aspada—the reservoir    Madhya 10.171
  nija-atma—of oneís own self    SB 3.1.35
  nija-ayuh—his lifetime    SB 7.6.14
  nija-tika—your own commentary    Antya 7.132
  prabhura nija-gane—very intimate associates of the Lord    Antya 6.60
  yata nija gana—all personal associates    Antya 6.63