Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nasam

  nasam—end    SB 1.15.33
  nasam—the loss    SB 6.5.23
  nasam—to annihilation    SB 6.8.31
  nasam—His nose.    SB 3.28.29
  nasam—and nostrils    SB 7.8.19-22

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: nasam

  duhsvapna-nasam—counteracting the causes of bad dreams    SB 8.4.14
  patni-anga-nasam—the destruction of the body of his wife    SB 4.4.1
  praja-nasam—annihilation of the living entities    SB 4.27.29
  putra-nasam—the loss of his children    SB 6.5.34
  sthiti-janma-nasam—creation, maintenance and annihilation    SB 8.12.11
  su-nasam—very nicely constructed nose    SB 4.8.45
  su-nasam—shapely nose    SB 3.20.30
  su-nasam—very beautiful nose    SB 4.25.22
  atma-nasam—forgetfulness of oneís own constitutional position    SB 9.19.20