Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: narake

  narake—in the hell    SB 5.26.14, SB 5.26.16, SB 5.26.28, SB 5.26.33, SB 5.26.36
  narake—in hell    Bg 1.43, SB 6.2.29, SB 6.18.75, SB 8.19.35
  narake—to hell    SB 6.18.39, Antya 10.95
  narake—into hell    Bg 16.16
  narake—into the hell    SB 5.26.25
  narake—in hellish conditions of life    Madhya 20.118
  tāmisre narake—into the hell known as Tāmisra    SB 5.26.8

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