Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: narakah

  narakah—hell    SB 3.30.29, SB 6.17.20
  narakah—the hellish planets    SB 5.20.45
  narakah—the hellish regions    SB 5.26.4
  narakah—hellish planets    SB 5.26.7
  narakah—the many hells    SB 5.26.37
  narakah—hells    SB 6.1.3
  narakah—one who is suffering hellish conditions    SB 2.10.41
  narakah—those condemned to hell    SB 3.14.43

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: narakah

  narakah api—even a person fit for going to hell.    SB 9.4.62