Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: namaskara

  namaskāra—obeisances    Adi 1.23, Adi 1.30, Adi 4.237, Adi 7.3, Adi 7.170, Adi 8.40, Adi 12.76, Adi 16.27, Adi 17.264, Madhya 1.26 (and more...)
  namaskāra—respectful obeisances.    Adi 1.37, Adi 1.43
  namaskāra—my obeisances    Adi 17.114, Antya 19.6
  namaskāra—offer obeisances    Adi 8.11
  namaskāra—offer my obeisances    Adi 10.6
  kari namaskāra—offering obeisances.    Madhya 24.264, Antya 1.157, Antya 3.143, Antya 3.250
  namaskāra kari—offering obeisances    Madhya 5.49, Madhya 7.76, Antya 2.29, Antya 3.122
  namaskāra kari—after offering obeisances    Madhya 6.259, Antya 11.22
  daṇḍavat-namaskāra—offering of obeisances    Antya 12.37
  kaila namaskāra—offered obeisances    Madhya 6.22
  kaila namaskāra—he offered respects by bowing down    Madhya 10.76
  kaila namaskāra—he offered obeisances.    Antya 7.67
  kailā namaskāra—offered his respects.    Madhya 21.81
  kare namaskāra—offers respectful obeisances    Antya 3.4-5
  kare namaskāra—is offering his obeisances    Antya 4.18
  karena namaskāra—offers obeisances.    Madhya 18.84
  karena namaskāra—offer respectful obeisances    Antya 15.50
  koṭi namaskāra—offering obeisances ten million times    Adi 6.116
  koṭi namaskāra—hundreds and thousands of obeisances    Antya 19.19
  namaskāra kaila—offered respects to Lord Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Madhya 6.48
  namaskāra kaila—offered Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu obeisances.    Madhya 19.97
  namaskāra kailā—offered obeisances.    Madhya 15.30
  namaskāra kailā—offered respectful obeisances.    Antya 16.15
  namaskāra kare—offers respectful obeisances    Antya 5.28
  namaskāra kare loka—all the people offered their obeisances    Madhya 25.164
  namaskāra kari—making obeisances    Madhya 3.31
  namaskāra kari—offering respect    Antya 2.133
  namaskāra kari—offers her obeisances    Antya 3.128
  namaskāra karite—while offering obeisances, bowing down    Adi 5.164

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