Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: namabhih

  nāmabhiḥ—by names    SB 1.5.14, SB 4.29.3, SB 5.19.26, SB 9.6.19
  nāmabhiḥ—by different names    SB 2.2.2, SB 6.3.13
  nāmabhiḥ—by the names    SB 4.1.62, SB 5.19.17-18
  nāmabhīḥ—by imprinting the holy names of the Lord.    SB 10.6.20
  nāmabhiḥ—by His holy name, etc.    SB 1.9.47
  nāmabhiḥ—by nomenclatures    SB 1.13.42
  nāmabhiḥ—name    SB-4.21.34
  nāmabhiḥ—names    SB 5.17.5
  nāmabhiḥ—with the chanting of the holy names.    Adi 13.19
  guhya-nāmabhiḥ—with transcendental names.    SB 8.17.24
  ijya-nāmabhiḥ—by different names of demigods    SB-4.21.41
  pṛthak-nāmabhiḥ—with separate names    SB 5.11.5
  sahasra-nāmabhiḥ—with the one thousand names    Madhya 9.32
  sva-nāmabhiḥ—by His holy names.    SB 6.8.29

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