Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nakha

  nakha—nails    SB 3.8.26, SB 3.15.44, SB 3.23.50, SB 3.28.21, SB 3.31.3, SB 4.24.52, SB 5.26.22, SB 7.12.21, Adi 17.181
  nakha—by the nail    SB 5.17.1
  nakha—of the nails    SB 5.25.4
  nakha—having nails    SB 7.8.19-22
  kara-nakha—of the nails on the hands    Madhya 21.128
  nakha-agrāt—the tips of whose nails.    SB 7.9.15
  nakha-aṅkura—by the pointed nails    SB 7.8.31
  nakha-śastra-pāṇibhiḥ—with His nails and other weapons in His hands    SB 7.8.31
  nakha-cihna—the nail marks    Adi 17.186
  nakha-indubhiḥ—by the effulgence of the nails    SB 8.21.1
  nakha-maṇi-śreṇyā—by the light of the jewellike nails on the toes    SB 4.8.50
  nakha-romāṇi—the nails and hair    SB 6.18.47
  nakha-vidīrṇa—pierced by the nails of the hand    SB 7.8.44
  nakha-ālaye—whose fingernails.    Antya 16.52
  pada-nakha—of the nails on the toes    Madhya 21.128
  pāda-nakha—nails of the feet    SB 1.18.21
  vajra-nakha—O You who possess nails like thunderbolts    SB 5.18.8
  vyāghra-nakha—tiger nails    Adi 13.113

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