Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nahi

  nāhi—there is not    Adi 1.58, Adi 1.69-70, Adi 2.24, Adi 2.45, Adi 2.52, Adi 2.54, Adi 2.96, Adi 2.100, Adi 2.103, Adi 3.16 (and more...)
  nāhi—not    Adi 2.86, Adi 3.14, Adi 3.15, Adi 3.90, Adi 4.27-28, Adi 4.138, Adi 4.141, Adi 4.154, Adi 4.170, Adi 4.172 (and more...)
  nāhi—does not    Adi 5.234, Adi 7.42, Adi 8.9, Adi 9.27, Adi 9.29, Adi 10.52, Adi 11.47, Adi 12.30, Adi 13.45, Adi 13.65 (and more...)
  nāhi—do not    Adi 6.105-106, Adi 9.28, Adi 9.52, Adi 16.50, Adi 17.87, Adi 17.193, Madhya 2.23, Madhya 9.128, Madhya 11.72, Madhya 13.133 (and more...)
  nāhi—there is none    Adi 7.23, Adi 7.74, Adi 7.114, Adi 7.139, Adi 9.44, Adi 13.76, Adi 17.85, Adi 17.200, Madhya 2.40, Madhya 7.27 (and more...)
  nāhi—there was not    Madhya 3.29, Madhya 4.22, Madhya 4.184, Madhya 4.185, Madhya 5.60, Madhya 6.9, Madhya 8.9, Madhya 12.111, Madhya 13.65, Antya 7.76 (and more...)
  nāhi—is not    Adi 8.7, Madhya 5.89, Madhya 8.289, Madhya 21.115, Antya 5.141, Antya 7.18, Antya 7.87, Antya 9.114, Antya 13.56
  nahi—not    Adi 16.26, Adi 17.271, Madhya 5.66, Madhya 11.23
  nāhi—never    Adi 7.46, Madhya 11.219, Madhya 20.354
  nāhi—did not    Adi 13.123, Adi 17.97, Antya 1.22
  nāhi—there is no one    Madhya 4.134, Madhya 12.186, Madhya 21.121
  nāhi—there was none    Adi 17.83, Madhya 1.212
  nahi—am not    Madhya 12.161
  nāhi—none    Adi 7.115
  nāhi—there does not    Adi 7.143
  nāhi—there are not    Adi 8.31
  nāhi—is not there    Adi 14.42
  nāhi—there is not (alliteration)    Adi 16.67
  nāhi—nor is there    Adi 16.92
  nāhi—there was no sense    Madhya 4.22
  nāhi—there is no such thing    Madhya 13.97
  nāhi—am not    Madhya 15.144
  nāhi—there were not    Madhya 18.156
  nāhi—are not    Madhya 18.183
  nāhi—not existing    Madhya 24.29
  nāhi—there cannot be    Antya 7.131
  nāhi—was not    Antya 9.112
  nāhi—no    Antya 14.91
  nāhi jāne—does not know    Madhya 14.14, Madhya 14.149, Madhya 15.173, Madhya 21.133, Madhya 25.92, Antya 4.86, Antya 5.104-105, Antya 6.251
  nāhi jāni—do not know    Adi 16.94, Madhya 20.64, Antya 5.7, Antya 6.234, Antya 9.49
  keha nāhi jāne—no one knows    Madhya 15.38, Antya 1.75, Antya 2.151, Antya 4.204
  nāhi haya—there is not.    Adi 5.53, Madhya 17.75, Madhya 23.20, Madhya 24.109
  nāhi māne—does not accept.    Madhya 12.194, Madhya 15.65, Madhya 17.102, Madhya 25.115
  nāhi pāya—does not get.    Madhya 9.339, Antya 6.227, Antya 16.137, Antya 17.47
  keha nāhi—no one    Adi 4.142, Adi 13.99, Madhya 20.189
  nāhi jāne—do not know    Adi 6.104, Madhya 10.110, Madhya 13.67
  nāhi nāhi nāhi—there is nothing else, nothing else, nothing else    Adi 17.25, Adi 17.25, Adi 17.25
  grāhaka nāhi—there is no customer    Madhya 17.144, Madhya 25.169
  keha nāhi jāne—no one could understand.    Antya 2.114, Antya 6.82
  nāhi śune—does not hear    Antya 5.98, Antya 17.48
  nāhi śuni—we do not hear.    Antya 1.101, Antya 14.81
  nāhi jāne—could not understand.    Antya 2.149, Antya 4.119
  nāhi jāni—I do not know    Madhya 20.102, Antya 6.194
  nāhi pāya—cannot reach    Antya 17.64, Antya 18.14
  nāhi āise—does not come    Adi 3.55, Antya 9.109
  nāhi āna—there is nothing else.    Madhya 24.73, Antya 18.39
  anta nāhi pāna—does not reach the end.    Adi 5.121
  aparādha nāhi—do not commit offenses    Madhya 15.285
  avasara nāhi haya—there was little time    Madhya 15.80
  bhakṣaṇa apekṣā nāhi—did not care for eating    Antya 6.186
  bhakta nāhi—there is no devotee    Antya 7.45
  bhaya nāhi kare—they were not at all afraid    Madhya 17.198
  bhaya nāhi kare—without fear.    Antya 8.20
  bhaya nāhi māne—he was not afraid.    Antya 9.25
  bheda nāhi—there is no difference    Madhya 17.131
  buddhi-praveśa nāhi—my intelligence cannot penetrate    Antya 20.77
  bāhya-jñāna nāhi—without external consciousness    Madhya 11.57
  cale hāle nāhi—they did not tilt or totter    Madhya 3.51
  śvāsa nāhi—there was no breathing    Antya 10.71
  doṣa nāhi—there is no fault    Madhya 9.120
  duḥkha nāhi māni—I do not feel unhappiness.    Antya 3.133
  dvāra nāhi pāñā—not finding the door    Antya 19.64
  hena nāhi jāni—I cannot understand.    Adi 5.117
  icchā nāhi—there was no such desire    Madhya 17.100
  ihā nāhi jāne—one does not know.    Madhya 11.232
  iṅho nāhi jībe—he will not live (he will commit suicide).    Madhya 25.192
  ithe nāhi āna—there is no question about it.    Antya 7.12
  jāti-kula nāhi—there is no indication of Your caste and family    Madhya 3.97
  kabhu nāhi śuni—I have never heard    Madhya 11.95
  kabhu nāhi khāi—I never tasted    Antya 2.77
  kabhu nāhi pāya—sometimes do not obtain    Antya 19.97
  kabhu nāhi āni—never brought.    Antya 12.118
  keha nāhi—there is no one    Antya 6.170
  keha nāhi māne—none of the above-mentioned philosophers accept    Madhya 25.55
  keha nāhi pāya—no one achieves    Madhya 8.197
  kichu nāhi bhāsa—there is no advancement.    Antya 8.75
  kāhāṅ nāhi gandha—there is no possibility of even a scent.    Madhya 17.173
  kāro nāhi jñāna—no one has this knowledge.    Madhya 18.200
  loke nāhi bujhe—people in general cannot understand    Antya 2.170
  lābha nāhi—there is no profit    Madhya 1.173
  mote nāhi—I have not received    Antya 9.138
  mukha nāhi muḍi—never turning away the faces    Madhya 21.118
  nahi bahiraṅga—are not outsiders    Antya 15.46
  nāhi adhikāra—there is no right    Antya 4.126
  nāhi adhyayana—without education    Antya 16.75
  nāhi avasara—there is no interval    Antya 4.127
  nāhi bhaya—there is no fear    Antya 19.51
  nāhi bheda—there is no difference    Madhya 17.132
  nāhi bhāse—does not manifest    Madhya 24.9
  nāhi bhāya—is not very pleasing    Madhya 16.6
  nāhi bhāya—do not appeal.    Madhya 23.24
  nāhi bhāya—he does not take as valuable    Antya 6.135
  nāhi bhāya—does not appear valuable.    Antya 6.136
  nāhi bādhe—did not become an impediment    Antya 6.186
  nāhi śakti—there is no power    Antya 4.8
  nāhi cale—does not move    Madhya 14.53
  nāhi chāḍe—do not give up    Madhya 17.196
  nāhi chāḍe—does not give up    Antya 6.253
  nāhi chāḍe—they do not give up    Antya 17.18
  nāhi śuni—I never heard.    Madhya 11.96
  nāhi śuni—I do not hear    Madhya 17.95
  nāhi cāya—do not look    Antya 9.26
  nāhi cāya—does not want    Antya 19.44
  nāhi deha—you do not offer    Antya 6.320
  nāhi dekhi—I have never seen    Madhya 11.96
  nāhi dekhi—we do not see    Antya 14.81
  nāhi deya—does not give    Madhya 5.90
  nāhi dibe—will not pay    Antya 9.28
  nāhi dila—did not give    Adi 4.151
  nāhi dilā—did not bestow.    Antya 14.28
  nāhi diye—have no desire to give    Antya 9.98
  nāhi gaṇi—I do not care for    Antya 10.96
  nāhi gandha—there is not even a scent    Antya 20.62
  nāhi ghare—was not within the room.    Antya 14.60
  nāhi haya—there was not    Madhya 4.34
  nāhi haya—are never    Madhya 8.203
  nāhi haya—did not take place.    Madhya 14.107
  nāhi haya—is not possible.    Madhya 15.95
  nāhi hāni—there is no loss.    Madhya 15.177
  nāhi janme—does not arise    Antya 4.186
  nāhi jīye—cannot live    Madhya 13.152
  nāhi jāne—they do not know    Adi 10.11
  nāhi jāne—he did not know    Adi 11.37
  nāhi jāne—cannot understand    Antya 12.92
  nāhi jāne—did not understand.    Antya 14.29
  nāhi jāne anya—do not know anything else.    Adi 5.229
  nāhi jānena—may not think    Antya 9.119
  nāhi jāni—I did not know    Madhya 8.97
  nāhi jāni—we do not know.    Madhya 21.19
  nāhi jāni—I cannot understand    Antya 6.115
  nāhi jānoṅ—did not know    Antya 9.125
  nāhi kaha—not speak    Madhya 6.125
  nāhi kahi—I did not say    Madhya 5.44
  nāhi kara—you do not commit    Adi 17.57-58
  nāhi kare—did not do.    Madhya 9.180
  nāhi kare daṇḍa—does not punish    Antya 9.91
  nāhi karena—did not do so    Antya 15.53
  nāhi kari—I have not done    Adi 3.14
  nāhi kichu doṣa—there was no fault    Antya 7.99
  nāhi kona—there is not any    Madhya 9.362
  nāhi kona jana—there was no one.    Antya 6.171
  nāhi kāya—there is no other business    Madhya 1.222
  nāhi laya—does not take it very seriously.    Madhya 15.174
  nāhi laya—do not accept.    Antya 3.196
  nāhi laya—does not utter    Antya 7.104
  nāhi lekhā-dāya—there is no account.    Antya 9.122
  nāhi likhi—I have not mentioned    Antya 1.12
  nāhi mile—no one could get.    Antya 12.18
  nāhi māna—you do not accept    Antya 7.132
  nāhi māne—he does not care for    Madhya 9.95
  nāhi māne—was hesitant to accept.    Madhya 25.213
  nāhi māne—He did not care    Antya 8.94
  nāhi māne—does not care for    Antya 10.6
  nāhi māni—I cannot accept.    Antya 7.114
  nāhi māni—I do not think it is.    Antya 7.157
  nāhi māni āmi—I do not accept.    Antya 4.181
  nāhi nilā—he did not accept    Madhya 20.76
  nāhi ora-pāra—there is no limit above or below    Antya 20.80
  nāhi pada—You never read    Adi 16.92
  nāhi paḍi—I do not study    Adi 16.52
  nāhi pathe—there is no passage.    Antya 10.93
  nāhi prabhura mana—was not the desire of the Lord    Madhya 18.152
  nāhi prayojana—there is no necessity.    Antya 9.66
  nāhi prāṇa—there was practically no life    Antya 18.39
  nāhi pāi—I do not get    Madhya 17.68
  nāhi pāḍe kāṇe—he does not hear    Antya 13.133
  nāhi pārāvāra—there was no limit    Antya 20.72
  nāhi pāya—one does not get    Madhya 20.131
  nāhi pāya—could not get.    Antya 10.152
  nāhi pāya—do not reach    Antya 16.76
  nāhi pāya—do not find.    Antya 19.98
  nāhi pāya anta—cannot understand the limit.    Antya 1.116
  nāhi pāya lāge—could not catch.    Antya 14.87
  nāhi pāya pāra—cannot reach the limit.    Antya 3.95
  nāhi rāja-bhaya—without fear of the King    Antya 9.32
  nāhi sare—not yet finished    Madhya 3.62
  nāhi sīmā—there is no limit    Antya 1.210
  nāhi vaya—does not flow.    Antya 14.64
  nāhi vāsi—I do not find.    Madhya 9.230
  nāhi yāi—we do not get    Adi 17.209
  nāhi yāya—does not go away.    Madhya 9.189
  nāhi yāya—it does not go.    Madhya 14.47
  nāhi yāya—does not go.    Madhya 17.6
  nāhi yāya—does not become.    Madhya 23.22
  nāhi yāya—was not possible.    Madhya 25.169
  nāhi āra—there is no more    Madhya 10.65
  nāhi āya—did not come.    Madhya 24.237
  pariśrama nāhi mora—I have no fatigue    Antya 12.72
  patha nāhi—there was no passage    Antya 10.99
  patha nāhi pāya—does not get the path    Madhya 24.270
  pratigraha nāhi kare—he did not accept charity from anyone    Adi 10.50
  pūre nāhi—is not complete    Antya 11.19
  pāka nāhi haya—you did not cook.    Madhya 9.181
  saṁsāra nāhi jini—one cannot escape the material clutches.    Madhya 25.28
  satya nāhi māne—does not accept as true.    Madhya 15.53
  sevā-yogya nahi—I am not fit to render service    Antya 4.151
  soyāsti nāhi—there is no rest    Madhya 15.147
  sparśa nāhi kare—he does not touch.    Antya 9.72
  svasti nāhi mane—no peace of mind    Antya 12.6
  tat-tva nāhi jāni—we cannot understand the actual truth    Madhya 25.56
  tāhā nāhi māni—not accepting that    Madhya 25.34
  tāra doṣa nāhi—he is also not at fault    Antya 3.205
  upamā dibāra nāhi—there cannot be any comparison    Antya 6.104
  vaiṣṇava nāhi—there is no Vaiṣṇava    Madhya 20.48
  vairāgyera nāhi bhāsa—there is no trace of renunciation.    Antya 8.16
  vastu nāhi—there is nothing    Madhya 9.307
  virodha nāhi—there is no contradiction    Adi 16.81
  vyādhi nāhi—there is no disease    Madhya 19.20
  vākya nāhi—no word    Madhya 10.110
  yāra sama nāhi āna—there is no comparison to this nectar    Madhya 25.279
  āmi kichu nāhi cāhi—I don't want any    Madhya 24.246
  āmi nahi adhikārī—I am not the proper person.    Antya 7.82
  āra nāhi śuni—no one could hear anything else.    Madhya 14.57
  ātma-smṛti nāhi—there was no bodily consciousness    Antya 5.65
  ātma-sphūrti nāhi—forgot Himself    Antya 15.4
  ṭākā nāhi yāya—are not concealed.    Madhya 18.119

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