Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nahe

  nahe—is not    Adi 2.111, Adi 2.114, Adi 3.71, Adi 4.8, Adi 4.36-37, Adi 4.162, Adi 4.185, Adi 16.64, Adi 17.75, Adi 17.162 (and more...)
  nahe—not    Adi 5.211, Adi 6.6, Adi 6.44, Adi 6.45, Adi 6.103, Adi 7.135, Adi 10.102, Adi 17.131, Madhya 1.193, Madhya 1.223 (and more...)
  nahe—there is not    Adi 4.80, Adi 4.149, Adi 6.18, Adi 6.108, Adi 16.90, Madhya 6.81, Madhya 6.82, Madhya 6.87, Madhya 8.116, Madhya 11.103 (and more...)
  nahe—is not possible    Adi 4.266, Adi 4.267, Adi 12.51
  nahe—it is not    Adi 12.71, Madhya 3.177, Madhya 15.188
  nahe—are not    Adi 4.218, Antya 3.58
  nahe—cannot be    Adi 5.59, Antya 7.14
  nahe—this is not    Madhya 3.70, Madhya 16.167
  nahe—there was not    Madhya 6.7, Madhya 19.64
  nahe—there are not    Adi 5.217
  nahe—never comparable    Adi 7.85
  nahe—does not    Adi 7.105
  nahe—is not visible    Adi 8.29-30
  nahe—there was no sign    Adi 13.87
  nahe—there is no such thing    Adi 14.61
  nahe—why not    Adi 14.89
  nahe—but actually it is not    Adi 16.76
  nahe—not be    Adi 17.221
  nahe—if not    Madhya 4.123
  nahe—even though    Madhya 11.103
  nahe—nor    Madhya 20.308
  nahe—they are not    Antya 5.37
  nahe—otherwise    Antya 6.21
  nahe—were not    Antya 10.125-126
  adhama nahe—not fallen    Madhya 19.71
  asamartha nahe—is not unable    Madhya 15.168
  asambhava nahe—there is not impossibility    Adi 5.130
  bhinna nahe—not separate    Madhya 16.66
  bhūta nahe—is not a ghost    Antya 18.64
  bhāla nahe—is not good    Madhya 1.228
  bhāla nahe kathā—this is not a good proposal.    Madhya 25.191
  bāṭapāḍa nahe—are not rogues    Madhya 18.175
  śuddha nahe—not purified    Madhya 8.51-52
  dharma nahe—it is not the duty    Madhya 3.74
  dharma nahe—it is not My religion    Madhya 15.48
  eha nahe—this is not    Madhya 15.189
  eho nahe—in this case it is not the fact    Madhya 10.173
  eka-mata nahe—do not agree    Madhya 17.184
  jīva-tattva nahe—still he is not called jīva-tattva    Madhya 20.308
  kabhu nahe—can never be achieved.    Madhya 9.263
  kabhu nahe—there is never    Madhya 10.181
  kahibāra kathā nahe—not a subject matter to describe freely    Madhya 2.83
  kichu mithyā nahe—there is no falsity.    Adi 5.132
  kṛṣṇa-yogya nahe—is not fit to be offered to Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 15.83
  kārya-siddhi nahe—he does not become successful    Antya 6.224
  mana nahe sthira—the mind is not steady    Antya 20.61
  manaḥ-gocara nahe—it is not possible to conceive    Antya 3.88
  manuṣya nahe—not a human being    Madhya 19.100
  mithyā nahe—this is not untrue    Madhya 3.35
  mukti nahe—there is no question of liberation    Madhya 25.30
  nahe aśru-dhāra—there are no tears in the eyes    Adi 8.29-30
  nahe śeṣa—did not end.    Antya 10.75
  nahe kathā-anta—there was no end to such topics.    Antya 5.64
  nahe nivāraṇa—there is no checking Him    Madhya 16.11
  nahe vrajendra-nandana—not the son of Nanda Mahārāja.    Madhya 20.196
  nahe yena bādha—so that there will not be any difficulties.    Madhya 11.120-121
  nahe āmā haite—is not possible for me.    Antya 7.150
  nindā nahe—not blasphemy    Madhya 15.257
  prasanna nahe mana—the mind was not satisfied.    Antya 10.147
  prati-dhvani nahe—that sound vibration is not an echo    Antya 3.71
  rahasya nahe—there is no joking    Madhya 20.87
  seha nahe—that cannot be    Adi 5.62
  sthira nahe mana—the mind is not steady    Antya 19.65
  sṛṣṭi nahe—the cosmic manifestation is not possible    Madhya 20.260
  tanu nahe—is not an ordinary body    Antya 19.40
  vicitra nahe—this is not extraordinary    Madhya 15.165
  yogya nahe—are not befitting    Madhya 15.262
  yogya nahe—it is not fit    Antya 11.38
  ājñā nahe—although there is no direct order    Madhya 11.122
  āmā haite kichu nahe—I cannot do anything    Antya 9.148
  ṭhak nahe—they are not rogues    Madhya 18.183
  ṭhāḍa kene nahe—why does he not stand    Antya 6.282

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