Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nagare

  nagare—in the city    Adi 17.92, Adi 17.139, Adi 17.192, Adi 17.193
  nagare—from town    Adi 17.133
  nagare—to town    Adi 17.133
  nagare—to the town    Madhya 5.108
  mathurā-nagare—to the city of Mathurā    Madhya 18.47, Madhya 18.69
  nagare nagare—in different parts of the town    Adi 13.32, Adi 13.32
  nadīyā-nagare—to the town of Nadia.    Adi 17.268
  nadīyā-nagare—to the city of Nadia.    Antya 12.86
  sakala nagare—in the whole town    Adi 17.127
  sakala nagare—all over the city.    Antya 11.72
  tomāra nagare—in your city    Adi 17.173
  vidyā-nagare—in the town known as Vidyānagara.    Madhya 7.62
  vidyā-nagare—at Vidyānagara    Antya 5.60

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